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TRUE Prevention--Optimum Health; How to

Updated on July 29, 2014

Unlike most books focused on positive thinking, TRUE Prevention does not just tell you that reducing stress and thinking positive are good for your health, relationships, success, mental and emotional well-being. It goes much further and shows you how to develop supportive mindsets that make positive thinking natural instead of a struggle.

The recommended techniques are not dose-dependent cliches like going outside, helping someone else, exercising, or other methods of feeling better now that must be repeatedly done to feel better.

First she introduces information that helps the reader see that many of our common beliefs are based on false premises. These premises were taught to us as factual by our parents, teachers and religious leaders--not because they intended to undermine our ability to thrive--but because they were taught by others who believed them as well.

These false premises have been passed along generation-to-generation, unquestioned until now. Today there is too much scientific evidence, overwhelming evidence if one truly looks, that these premises are false. Once these false beliefs are cleared out of the way--which is fairly quick and easy when we stop clinging to them because it is what our beloved parents taught us--they would have taught us better if they knew better--they did the best they could with what they knew.

Humanity clings to beliefs we were taught until the evidence against its truth is so overwhelming that the old idea can no longer withstand the modifications necessary to retain it in light of new, conflicting information. But we can do better than that--we can embrace beneficial new information when there is sufficient evidence to act on it--not wait until the old ideas crumble. That is what Jeanine Joy encourages us to do. Look at the evidence of what makes humans thrive and act on it. She does not want any unnecessary suffering to continue until the old ideas must crumble. There is a whole lot of suffering that can be avoided right now. Today. 

Stresses that lower immune function
Stresses that lower immune function

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