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Updated on May 13, 2012

Share communication

True communicator is someone that able to communicate effectively and clearly to people and had them understood what has been communicated. Effective communication among people are very important in our everyday lives otherwise there will be many misunderstanding due to bad communication. Communication is very important in every aspect of our lives , if we feel the need to said something then we will have to speak up and not bottom it up which in the long run would be very unhealthy and also relationship with our love ones , family or friends would be strain if we do not communicate effectively with one another.  

Constantly there will be misunderstanding when they would not communicate with one another and many couples breakup or divorce is also due to not able to communicate effectively with one another. They resort to silent treatment and cold shoulder and simply not speaking to one another at all. Learning how to communicate well is very important so that we could build strong , happy & healthy relationship with others. 
When you communicate well , people tend to like you rather then someone who do not communicate and appear quiet and not say a word. We also can learn lots from having good communication with others and trading information. From working in the office to meeting business partners , communication plays a very important role. Sharing our ideas and networking through good communication will bring us many benefits. 

In relationship we also need to have a good communication. Two persons who communicate well and understood one another will be able to enjoy healthier relationship. If couples do not communicate or have problems communicating then many problems will arise from it and cause a breakup due to miscommunication. Whenever there is a problem with something that need to be fix we need to speak up and clear the air and not kept inside like a time bomb waiting to explode. Is better to bring it on the table and communicate with one another and find a way to solve it . If we do not talk and communicate then we would not be able to know what the other person thinks or feeling. Is better to communicate then presume everything is fine. The more open we are about communication the more we feel not stress out after all talking and sharing is a very good healthy habit which only benefits us and not drive us apart from our love ones , family and friends. 
Find time each day to show concern and share a good communication with your love ones today. 


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