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7 tummy tuck surgery recovery tips

Updated on December 1, 2015
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Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos
Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos | Source

Tummy tuck is a procedure in which the abdomen area is flattened. This may be either for medical or personal purposes. Whatever the case may be, the recovery from tummy tuck may take some time. Occasionally, it may also be unpleasant. Therefore, in order to make the whole process easier on you, you can follow the steps listed below.

  • Exercise

You can either begin or continue with your exercise after undergoing the surgery. The forms of exercise which is considered to be good for tummy tuck patients are aerobics, yoga, Pilates, swimming, or weight training. In order to enable yourself to recover from the surgery more quickly, you will need to strengthen your body through aerobic exercise.

  • Diet

During the recovery period, you should start on a diet which is high in protein. This includes foods such as fish, beans, eggs, lean chicken, and protein shakes. This is because protein enables your body to heal the wounds more effectively.

  • Smoking

It has been strictly recommended to not smoke at all one month before surgery and one month after the surgery. There should also be no smoking by anyone in a closed environment during this period. This is because smoking compromises the ability of the body to heal. It also increases the probability of complications occurring.

  • Birth control

During the recovery period, it has been strictly instructed that you stop taking birth control pills or any other forms of hormone replacement theory. This includes vaginal estrogen or topical creams. The time period for this is one month before the surgery and one month after the surgery has taken place.

  • Medications

You should avoid aspirin or any other forms of medication which is available over the counter in pharmaceutical stores. This includes anti-inflammatory medications such as Aleve or Advil for two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery.

  • Herbal supplements

It has also been recommended to avoid taking herbal supplements for two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery has taken place.

  • Wear tummy tuck compression garments

Wearing an abdominal garment during the recovery process is a crucial aspect. This garment has been specifically designed to apply the exact amount of pressure which is needed in the surgical areas. This takes the tension of the wound. Thus, it makes the healing process slightly easier.

These garments, which are often also referred to as abdominal binders, applies pressure to the swollen areas. It also helps in improving the draining of toxic fluids, and also helps the skin to conform to its new contours. The pressure applied by garments also stimulates the blood circulation. This is the most important factor in the healing of scars. The faster the wounds heal, the less there are chances of inflammations and infections occurring.

While it is true that the whole recovery period may seem like a long time, but you need to be patient throughout. Only by being patient and by taking proper care of yourself will you be able to ensure that your health returns to normal.


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    • rousho profile imageAUTHOR

      Abu sahadat md ayeat ullah 

      20 months ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      Thanks Sue for sharing your experience.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I've done tummy tuck in Prague, forme clinic. I could recommend this type of surgery to everyone. It helped my self-confidence a lot. After the second child I felt like a whale - but most of it was only extra skin. After this surgery is my body back again. I had really nice surgeon at the clinic so everything went well. I'm so happy.


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