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Turning 65 Soon

Updated on January 5, 2013

Turning 65 in a 30 Something World

All the decisions I'll be making between now and my 65th birthday are a little overwhelming. It's interesting that we are starting new ministries this year, not retiring, yet, the directory that lists our ministry automatically distinguishes our credentials as "Senior." Thinking about this distinction and what it would have meant to me in my 30's to see that beside a name in a directory, I was mortified to realize this was inevitable.

I will be applying for the Medicare alphabet of care options this year, and deciding whether to accept what the government takes from my Social Security, or opt in or out and purchase my own B, C, D, etc. So confusing, thought I'd document the journey.

The summer I spent with her we drove all over Illinois to county fairs so that she could gift her puppies to 4H winners. She raised Pomeranian pups, She also gardened and raised chickens. I loved being with her.

My Grandmother (in this photo) was 65 when I spent the summer with her, I was sixteen. She seemed so old, but was very active, healthy and so much fun. I want to be like her.

insurance claim form medicare turning 65
insurance claim form medicare turning 65

Aging and Pain

and Applying for Medicare

Because I ache a lot these days, I now understand why the older generation talks about their health so much.

I have a few months to decide on my supplement plan as far as I can understand it.

Maybe this is a good place for people to suggest Medicare Supplement plans. Is it better to have Part B come out of your Social Security and then shop for C through Z? or is it better to buy a plan without having anything come out of the SS check? Your input is highly respected.

65th Birthday

Dolly Parton turned 65 before me!! I can remember a time when I though 65 was so old. Now my mind is processing how young I feel and think compared to the opinions I had of older people 30 years ago. My mind and heart are changed. I think that judging and having a critical spirit ages us faster than anything else we do in life. So, at some point I decided I'm going to stop the aging process by not being critical of others, or judging them. I think it worked, I feel 45.

Even Riding a Motorcycle Cross Country has Changed as I Age

My Motorcycle and me in Mexico
My Motorcycle and me in Mexico

I knew when I was 51 and learned to ride a motorcycle that I would not ride forever.

I did pretty much quit riding in 2012. I had a few close calls, or near misses, depending on how you look at the situations, and I got spooked. I could still ride if that was my only means of transportation, but we are restoring a 1974 BMW motorcycle with a side car, so that I can ride by my husband's side, or the dogs can ride in the side car and I can ride behind him.

Things change when you age.

Career Changes at 65

There's no written code that a person has to apply for Social Security at 66 or retired from their career 6ecause they've aged, but historically in the USA people start thinking about retirement when the turn 65. So-o-o it's no surprise that this is a topic of discussion on an article about the 65th birthday.

It actually caught me by surprise really.

I mean just last year I was 63 then my 64th birthday hit and all the sudden I'm looking at the well rounded number sixty-five.

Cupcakes are Great Birthday Decorations and Treats

I would prefer a cupcake to a cake filled with 65 candles.

Meri Meri Cupcake Box, Patisserie - Small
Meri Meri Cupcake Box, Patisserie - Small

Such a cute concept for decorating cupcakes.


In my Day photos were black and white.

In my Day photos were black and white.
In my Day photos were black and white.

So This Being My 65th Year, I'm Focusing On:

Staying Healthy

Learning New Skills


Completing Tasks

Being Real

Aging Gracefully

This is probably the oldest picture I own. - My Mom is the middle girl of 5 girls and her brother, standing in the middle here.

My Grandmother was a photographer in a small town, Hillsborough, Illinois. Simmons Studio. She took a lot of pictures of us when we were little.

This is the Simmons family.

No insurance sales please.

Now Your Opportunity to Tell Me - what to do about Medicare!

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