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Mini Twist Stepper Exercise Machine - Stair Stepper Twist Reviews

Updated on February 18, 2012

Why Buy A Twist Stair Stepper Workout Machine?

Stair steppers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, models and price ranges varying from those designed for home users to commercial stair climbers aimed at rigorous gym usage.

For the home user, mini twist steppers offer numerous advantages over other forms of exercise equipment at a fraction on the price. The space saving features of these lightweight, small exercisers are ideal for the home consumer with limited space who still wants to work out in their own home without having to spend a fortune or give up valuable floorspace to bulky exercise equipment.

With the addition of a simple resistance band used in conjunction with a mini twist stair stepper you will get a fat burning cardio workout which tightens and tones both the upper and lower body without breaking the bank and without turning your home into a fitness gym.

Sunny Twist Stepper Review

Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 045  Twister Stepper
Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 045 Twister Stepper

This twisting stair stepper from Sunny Health and Fitness offers a low impact cardio workout for your lower body with included fitness bands to give you a total body workout in one compact machine. This model has a variable resistance level so you can tailor the workout to fit your own personal fitness level. It adds a side to side motion to the traditional up and down motion of a regular ministepper which help tone buttocks and thighs and tighten abs in addition to tightening and toning your calf muscles, slimming hips and generally, working out your lower body. LCD dispay shows total step count, workout time and calories burned. Made from durable materials, this is a great little exercise machine at an even better price.


Twist Steppers vs Mini Stair Stepper Machines

The difference between these two similar gym machines is the new twisting exercisers offer a wider range of motion to each workout by adding a gentle rotation to each step in addition to the traditional up and down motion.

The up and down motion combined with the additional side to side rotates the hips and adds a hip and abdomen workout in addition to the leg, calf, thigh and buttock toning and slimming effect of a traditional stepper machine.

Twist Stepper With Handlebar

Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar
Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

If you have balance issues then a handle bar is the solution you are looking for. The Twist stepper with hand bar attachment offers all the tightening and toning features of a normal machine but is more accessible for anyone who feels less comfortable without something to hold on to.


A Compact and Portable Stepper Is Great For Small Spaces

One of the major advantages these offer over many other forms of home fitness equipment is the small size and portability these exercisers offer compared with a treadmill or exercise bike.

Compact stepper exercisers are a fraction of the size and weight of any of the majority of popular home exercise equipment making them easy to store when not in use, nice and lightweight for when you want to move them around and because it is so small, it makes one the perfect machine for taking with you when you have to go out of town but do not want to give up on your daily exercise.

Portable stepper machines like these are ideal if you travel around a lot, have limited space and need an easily stowable workout machine or just in general if you are looking for a lightweight small stepper machine which is easy to move around but still packs a punch when it comes to cardio fitness, toning and weight loss.

Twist Steppers Offer Low Impact Exercise

So, what is the benefit of a twist stepper? Well, aside from offering a great cardio workout you also get the added bonus of knowing you are using a low impact exerciser which is great news for your knees and other joints too.


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      Gary Parker 5 years ago

      Great stuff you have their mate, I do prefer twist stepper with hand bar attachment specially because i do have a balance issues.

      If it's okay with you, you can also visit my site at I also write a lot of fitness equipment reviews that helps you boost your physical fitness regimen.