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Types of Rice-Long/Medium/Short Grain Brown Rice

Updated on March 3, 2016

Those who are regular readers of our blog would be very well aware that we pick a certain topic and discuss its various aspects for the entire week. So this week we will be talking about different types of rice and how they are beneficial or harmful to our health in general.

Rice can be classified by various aspects but mostly it is distinguished on the basis of long, medium and small, that is the size of the grain. Brown rice is less in calories and contains more nutrients than white rice.

Long Grain Brown Rice

It is four to five times longer than regular rice. The cooked grains are separate, light and fluffy. Long grain rice is simply cooked by the absorption method. The rice is put in a tightly covered vessel with measured amount of water which gets completely absorbed by the rice during the cooking process. The end result is a dry, fluffy texture. This rice has a nutty, grainy flavor and a chewy bite (texture).

The best way to cook long grained rice (brown and white/regular) is to soak it in water overnight, then cooking it in a large vessel of boiling water until it becomes tender. The excess water can be drained out once the grains turn soft or get cooked completely.

Long grain white rice is popularly known by the name Basmati in many parts of the world including India and Pakistan. Basmati costs way too much than the regular rice due to its delightful aroma and smooth-polished texture.

Medium Grain Brown Rice

It has a shorter and wider kernel which is two to three times than long grain rice. Whereas long grained rice results into separate grains once cooked, medium grain rice is more moist and tender in texture. It is widely used for cooking creamier dishes and is a good choice for delicious desserts.

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Short Grain Brown Rice

Short grain rice has a short round, almost plump kernel and the texture of the cooked rice is somewhat sticky as the grains cling together. As the grains are short and thick, they usually take more time to get cooked than medium and long sized grains. The cooked rice normally has a sticky starch and is clingy in texture, unlike long grains. Short grain rice absorbs more water than long grains.


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