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The Unconscious Mind and The Power of Dreams

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Unconscious Wisdom

The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on Carl Jung's discoveries about the meaning of dreams and on my discoveries after continuing his research.

Jung's work was only scientific. My work relates science to religion.

I give scientific proof of God's existence to the atheistic world and explanations for all mysteries.

This means that the power of dreams surpasses your expectations.

You'll find real proof of God's existence by following dream therapy. I don't need to prove anything in order to convince you that God exists and that you can have a direct communication with God through dream messages. You can simply verify this truth yourself by translating your dreams based on the scientific method.

Now that I simplified and clarified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation you can easily learn the dream language and understand the divine guidance in your dreams.

The divine unconscious mind works like a doctor and a spiritual guide. You'll have the best treatment you could find and successfully solve all problems.

I can instantly translate your dreams for you if you have no time for studies. You will verify that the unconscious messages contain infinite wisdom. You will also discover that the unconscious mind is a miraculous doctor.

It doesn't matter if your physical problem is too complicated and there is no way you could possibly be cured by today's medicine. It doesn't matter if you have already lost your sanity. The divine unconscious mind makes miracles because it is God's mind.

You only have to obey the saintly unconscious guidance in dreams and learn how to be a good person.

The Importance of Your Attitude

Your attitude in life defines your mental and physical health and traces your destiny.

If you'll be a good patient and student, the divine unconscious mind will help you find sound mental health, perfect physical health, wisdom, love, and happiness.

I'm sure you like the idea of being able to talk with God and become a perfect human being characterized by wisdom and goodness. However, you are too far from balance.

You have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain, which remains in a primitive condition.

Even your human conscience is deficient because it is one-sided. It works based on only one psychological function instead of using the four psychological functions you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

You are an under-developed primate. This is why you are violent and extremely selfish. Your ego is for you the most important person of the world. You cannot objectively and realistically analyze your reality.

The transformation of your personality is a gradual process that works like mind empowerment and spiritual purification.

You need psychotherapy even if you believe that you are a good person and you have no reason to change. You will discover many facts about yourself that you ignore.

This truth is bitter and ugly.

However, after seeing the ugly truth you will understand what you have to do in order to eliminate what is bad from your brain and from your life. The elimination of everything that is negative inside you and around you will help you feel better, and help you become a better person.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator.

Christina Sponias

The real power of dreams can be understood only now that I continued Carl Jung's research, clarifying his obscure method of dream interpretation, and showing you that you can completely trust the unconscious messages in dreams.

Even though many people in our world despise the importance of dreams, dreams are very important and powerful.

After mastering the dream language you'll understand the unconscious messages and verify into practice that they save your life.

The power of dreams has no limits because it comes from God.

God shows you in your dreams how the future will be unfolded, the psychological system of the person you love, how to solve difficult problems, how to avoid misfortunes, and a lot more.

You learn how to do everything you need, and how to get from life what is good.

Everything only depends on your attitude. If you'll accept following the unconscious guidance, you can attain goals that you would never set because you wouldn't believe that you could get there.

Your dreams are powerful tools that will always enlighten your journey in life, helping you in all ways.

Do You Like This Web Page?

Even though our atheistic world despises the importance of religion, the truth is that religion should be a very important matter for us.

All religions work like psychotherapy because we are absurd devils. Since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our primitive conscience - the satanic anti-conscience, this means that we are basically insane.

The horrors observed in our world, which is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed prove our insanity more than anything else.

We need psychotherapy and spiritual guidance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

Mind Power
Mind Power

Brain Power and Sensitivity

You are very intelligent. However, all your brain power goes wasted because it belongs to your evil anti-conscience. You must develop your intelligence by acquiring consciousness. This is a process carried on through dream therapy.

You'll become more intelligent by understanding how your brain works and what determines your behavior. You will also learn how other people think, feel, and sense.

By following the unconscious guidance in dreams you will gradually stop being a narrow-minded creature. You'll become a true genius.

You will also become more sensitive. You'll stop being indifferent and cruel.

Perhaps you believe that you are a generous person and that you cannot be considered cruel. This happens because you cannot evaluate your own absurdity or your lack of sensitivity.

After transforming your personality and purifying your spirit through dream therapy you will understand the difference.

Unconscious Mind
Unconscious Mind

How to Understand God's Wisdom

The communication I had with God through codes was too deficient in the beginning of our conversations. I spent hours trying to understand the meaning of one simple sentence.

This was very tiring and boring, but I had to find out the meaning of the unconscious words. This was the only way I could clearly understand the unconscious messages.

The unconscious mind was trying to tell me something, and it was important to have this communication. I understood its importance, besides all the difficulties I had to deal with. My dreams completed the messages I had thanks to the codes.

I had the privilege to have a direct contact with the unconscious mind. I felt so important!

I believed that God would help me prove to the world everything I had discovered, even though I knew that everything seemed to be hard to believe. I couldn't imagine that God would tell me to help Him prove many things to the world, because He was not able to convince the world alone.

God's words in dreams are characterized by wisdom and sanctity, but you have to be sensitive enough in order to understand their importance.

First of all you have to be humble because God shows you your mistakes.

You have to understand why you are so far from wisdom in order to attain real wisdom.

You should have a religious attitude and respect the divine unconscious guidance with gratitude.

God is as saintly and wise as described by all religions of the world. However, you are more imperfect that what you could possibly imagine before knowing how much absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience.

This doesn't mean that you cannot attain perfection. It means that your nature compared to God's nature is totally different. You must have this difference in mind and always remember that God knows everything, while you are an ignorant and imperfect creature.

Your attitude with the unconscious mind must be the attitude of a good student and patient, and the attitude of a sinner who recognizes how far from real wisdom and goodness you are. You cannot be arrogant and disobedient if you want to evolve.

The power of dreams depends on your cooperation. Your dreams are real treasures when you pay attention to their meaning and you put the unconscious guidance into practice. If you are indifferent to the unconscious lessons you won't reap all the benefits you could have.

You should be prudent and learn how to become a better person. This way, you'll have numerous advantages in life. You will also prepare your spirit for the continuation of your life after death.

Since God exists, this means that your spirit exists too.

Nothing begins or ends on Earth.

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Yes. But your lens took me a lot further of what I thought about dreams. You are really an expert on the subject. Thank you for publishing this lens.

    • profile image

      AngelaKane 5 years ago

      Yes I do, I am always trying to figure out what my dreams mean. I think we receive a lot of information in our dreams. Excellent hub and great information.