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How To Stop Underarm Body Odor In Three Steps

Updated on November 21, 2010

What causes underarm body odor?

Body odor is produced from sweat. It however is not the sweat that smells it is the bacteria on the skin. When this bacteria gets wet it smells bad. The most common form of body odor is from the underarm. No one is immune from this, some people just smell worse than others.

It is a good idea and a hygienic one to shower daily some people like to shower in the morning to start the day fresh and others prefer a night time shower to wash the day away. Use a non scented white soap for the best cleaning of the are pits. The other common area of smell is the pubic area.

When washing it is not best to take a hot shower as this will increase your body heat making you sweat more. Even after taking a hot shower your body temperature will remain raised making you produce more sweat than otherwise. So when showering use luke warm to almost room temperature water as this will help keep the skin cool. This should help improve body odor.

How To Stop Underrm Odor?

 Diet and exercise can also have a major impact on the smell of your underarms. A good diet and exercise program can diminish the underarm body odor. Be sure to drink six to eight glasses of water daily. This will keep the skin hydrated and has many other health benefits. The elimination of caffeine in your diet will also help the body retain moisture as caffeine is a diuretic causing the body to lose body fluids through more sweating.

The use deodorant or an antiperspirant will greatly improve the underarm body body odor. With the wide variety of products on the market be sure to give a lot a try as from personal experience I can not use antiperspirant as I just sweat right through it. Also if you have sensitive skin avoid Old Spice deodorant this stuff may work great but is very strong.


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