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Underpads that More than Protect

Updated on June 20, 2014

What's a bed pad you say?

They go by at least two names and these names are utilized interchangeably - underpads or bed pads and are moisture absorbent pads that are employed to guard the bedding and mattress from adult and youngster incontinence or involuntary bladder releases. Bed pads can be found in either reusable or disposable varieties, and I will concentrate on the reusable.

Bed Pads in 4 colors
Bed Pads in 4 colors

Underpads that More than Protect

Reusable underpads are usually constructed using a vinyl knit barrier on the underside that gives waterproof protection for the sheets, bedding and mattress. This waterproof barrier comes in numerous colors like blue, green, tan and pink. The best of these pads have several fabric options; 100% Tircot - extremely soft for the touch, 80/20 cotton/poly Ibex - the classic cover but not quite as durable, 50/50 Cotton/poly twill - a lot more sturdy having a cotton feel and 100% birdseye cotton. These best layers, all white in color, give a somewhat different feel and texture to the bed pad.

The heart of the bed pad is the soaker - the part in amongst the prime material and also the bottom water barrier is named the soaker. This is the center of the protection and is generally quilted to the top layer. The soaker absorbs the moisture and holds it until the pad may be changed and laundered. This soaker comes in multiple weights with the most popular be the 8 ounce soaker weight. The weight does not refer for the level of moisture it might hold, but rather for the weight of the soaker fabric. Other choices of soaker weights are 6 ounce for lighter requirements and 10 ounce for much better protection and much more heavy duty wants.

Being aware of a number of simple facts about the construction and supplies of bed pads or underpads will help you in choosing the very best products and also what to seek out as you make those alternative decisions. features quality re-usable bed pads that ship free and fast. They have the standard as well as the heavy pads in several package sizes.

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      recyclebiz lm 4 years ago

      Good info on a sensitive topic, Marshall - very informative!