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Updated on May 26, 2016

Cancer is the most deadly diseases occupy the second position in the world. There are various types of cancer. One is a disease of breast cancer that is generally experienced by women. However, men can also develop the disease. The proportion is 1: 1000. Breast cancer is a disease caused by the emergence of malignant cells (parenchyma) around the breast. So that growth abnormalities, and uncontrolled. The genetic defect in the cells called promoters. Cells that are in the promotion phase, will be transformed into malignant cells. To find out how severe the severity and spread of some cancer cells in the breast, it should be examined clinically. Such as X-rays, ct scan, histopathology, ultrasonography, and scintigraphy. However checks recommended by WHO (world health organization) and the UICC (international union against cancer) is to use the system TNM (tumor, node, metastasis). TNM examination was conducted to determine the size of the malignant cells develop in the breast and the extent of its spread. TNM System will also be performed after surgical removal of the cancer cells, to ascertain whether there is any remaining cancer cells in the breast.

Before attacked by breast cancer, a person will experience symptoms such as retraction (the nipple and skin to become interested in), the skin around the breast looks shriveled color change pink or orange, there are sores or ulcers that foul and festering, the breast becomes swollen, bloody breasts, a small lumps in the breast are becoming increasingly large, soreness and pain around the breast, discharge from the nipple is not normal and spontaneous. The liquid is generally in maroon colour and slightly watery. The discharge from one breast only.

In addition to symptoms, there are also some causes that can increase the risk of breast cancer should be cautious. That is consume drugs in the long term contraceptive that make hormonal changes in the body become malignant. Obesity, weight and size of the larger breast can trigger breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Genetic factors, if a woman has breast cancer, most likely one of his descendants would experience the same thing. Consumption of excess fat. A teenager or child who frequently consume fatty foods with high enough levels, are likely to be at risk of breast cancer at the age of 30-40 years. Because age is the factor influencing the growth of cancer cells in the breast.

To treat breast cancer, there are several ways that can be try :

1. Radiation (irradiation using X-rays and gamma rays to kill cancer cells that exist around the breast)

2. Mastectomy (removal of the breast to cancer cells in it does not spread to other body part

3. Chemotherapy (the use of anti-cancer drugs in patients. Whether in the form of capsules, or fluids through intravenous infusion. This works to kill cancer cells that have spread to all parts of the body)


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