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Understanding and Dealing with Gluten/Wheat Intolerance

Updated on May 9, 2013
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Sandy Dell shares her challenges with gluten and dairy intolerances and shares recipes and info for others.

What is a Gluten Free Diet?

You have been sick for months ... maybe years. Eating has become a nightmare as everything thing you eat seems to make you feel worse. Finally, you find a doctor who checks you for food allergies and you find out you are gluten intolerant ... or was it celiac disease ... or maybe you are allergic to wheat. ....Which is it? And is there a difference?

You know you need to follow a gluten free diet .... but what does that mean?


I, too, was feeling the same way .... confused and worried about what to do and where to go with my problem. What I could and could not eat. ... Understand gluten free foods and gluten free diets. And what REALLY was my problem....

My Story with Gluten Intolerance

Why I switch to gluten free foods

My life changed on September 30, 2009 ... the day I was diagnosed with severe gluten-intolerance! After years of having varied health issues, a blood test, ordered by my Naturopathic Doctor, revealed that I had gluten problems along with Hypothyroid disease, high cholestrol and a host of other problems .... all caused by my gluten intolerance!

Non Celiac Gluten intolerance, at least for me, had effected nearly every system in my body! It sneaks up on you and start tearing away at your body without any warning or reservations! And it can take years before you realize your body has been INVADED! I have worked to repair the damage done to my health, but there is more to do. Let me tell you what helped me understand the journey to good health.

The Gluten Free Bible
The Gluten Free Bible

I Found a Great Informative Resource to Help Me Understand Gluten Free Foods

The Gluten Free Bible!

Gail's Gluten Free Bible is packed full of important information that everyone who is diagnosed with a gluten or wheat problem needs to read!

Her easy step by step guide makes going gluten free a breeze! And it explains exactly what it means to be GLUTEN FREE!

As I read through it, I discovered the interesting distinctions between celiac disease, gluten intolerance and wheat allergies!! Most doctors don't discuss with you is the difference between these and how to deal with each one DIFFERENTLY!

Gail explains ... "Celiac disease is .. an autoimmune disease - meaning it is a result of the body's own immune system damaging itself when presented with something it views as harmful." In a later chapter, she goes on to say, "just because you test negative for CD (Celiac Disease), it does not mean you don't have a gluten intolerance! ... Your chances of being gluten sensitive are far greater than having celiac disease. It is estimated that approximately 15% (1 in 7) people are NCGS (non celiac gluten sensitive), whereas less than .5% (1 in 200) of people have CD." Concerning wheat allergies, she notes, "Wheat intolerance is NOT an autoimmune disorder, whereas CD is defined by the reaction it evokes from the body's immune system." Of course, she goes on to explain the differences in much greater detail!

What a relief to finally find this information packed all in one e guide!

Her table of contents reveal the many issues (beyond the confusion I had with the above issues!) she addresses in her guide:

1. Are You 1 in 100?

2. How do I tell if its celiac disease or an intolerance to something?

3. What's the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

4. What about wheat intolerance? Is that the same thing?

5. Is a wheat allergy the same as a wheat intolerance?

6. What effect can gluten have on me?

7. So what is gluten?

8. Where can gluten be found?

9. So what can I eat?!

10. Staying gluten free when eating out

11. How can I avoid accidentally eating gluten?

12. Brands that specialize in gluten free products

13. Eating gluten-free without breaking the budget

14. But I am a vegetarian - can I eat gluten free too?

15. Gluten-free shopping list

16. 3 day eating plan

Gail also adds a list of important terms to be familiar with to help you understand her guide or your doctor!

BUT 'The Gluten Free Bible' isn't the only Book Gail emailed! Look at the FREE bonuses she gave me!!

Easy Gluten Free Survival Guide
Easy Gluten Free Survival Guide

Bonus One: Easy Gluten Free Survival Guide

Gluten Free Food Guide for Friends

Bonus One is a wonderful resource to share with friends and family. Instead of explaining all the dos and don'ts of what you can eat, just give them a copy of this simple guide! Her guide includes tips and tricks to help your family and friends to avoid the simple mistakes of preparing gluten free meals - so you know that they won't accidentally add gluten flour to an otherwise safe meal! What a relief to have this guide, which is also editable and easily reproducible, handy!! I wish I had a copy of this when I first was diagnosed!


Bonus Two: Gail's Gluten Free Journey

Gail's Personal Story Dealing with Gluten Intolerance!

Read Gail's actual account of her personal challenges and triumphs on her journey to become gluten free! Many of the ideas she details will sound familiar to anyone dealing with this same issue. For example, Gail explains how she educated her fiancé in eating gluten free and how she turned him into her biggest gluten free advocate! There are many detailed personal stories that I related too and I am sure you will too .... along with learning some of the tricks that Gail learned along the way!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Bonus Three: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Making the Most of Your Gluten Free Diet and Life!

How to choose a healthy lifestyle, even though you are living gluten free! Yes, there is life after discovering your are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease! Gail helps you discover which gluten free foods to eat to have more energy, so you can get on with your life. She talks about reducing the stress you deal with while making the change in your health and how to chose healthy foods to replace those with gluten. This guide is a great addition to The Gluten Free Bible!

Believe it or not, these e books are a 'steal'. She should be charging $99 -- which is the value of The Gluten Free Bible PLUS the three bonuses -- But Gail is offering this information packed group of

FOUR E Guides for the affordable price of $37.



I would encourage anyone looking for more information on gluten/wheat allergies to order these guides!

Do You Have a Story About Your Journey with Gluten Free Diets? - Please share your story with us!!

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