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Why You Shouldn't Fear Cholesterol

Updated on March 21, 2018

Cholesterol has a bad reputation for being one of the major causes of heart disease, but that’s only because people don’t fully understand it. Yes, high concentrations of cholesterol can result in a stroke, but contrary to popular belief, your body actually needs good cholesterol to continue building healthy cells. The fear of cholesterol and the possibility of having heart disease plays a significant role in forming many myths about saturated fats, which prompt people to abandon certain categories of food.

Cholesterol is Not Always At Fault

Eggs, dairy, and oils are just a few examples of food items on the “naughty” list. Though it’s highly recommended to keep cholesterol levels at bay—particularly because it helps avert serious complications—cholesterol and saturated fats are not necessarily the culprit behind poor health, nor does it immediately lead to heart disease.

For instance, there are countless individuals with an unbelievable cholesterol level of over 250, and yet they have no known symptoms of heart disease. In contrast, there are also those whose cholesterol levels are under 200 due to clean eating and daily exercising, but are at high risk of developing heart disease.

These facts prove that aside from cholesterol, there are many other heart health indicators in the body, which primarily include your blood pressure and body mass index.

The Repercussions of Low Cholesterol

Very low levels of good cholesterol increase your chances of developing heightened anxiety, depression, and even cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and hemorrhagic stroke. They say you are what you eat, and in this case, you shouldn’t feel too bad about being a carton of eggs. Cholesterol is also critical for the body to function normally, as the compound helps produce vitamin D, bile acids which speed up metabolism, cell membranes, and steroid hormones. Additionally, cholesterol is crucial for neurological function, meaning the compound is responsible for contributing to the formation of memories.

The Truth Behind Statin Drugs

Statins, otherwise known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, are medications taken by individuals who suffer from cardiovascular disease. If your cholesterol levels are too high, you are probably among millions of patients advised to take statins. Little do you know that you do not need this class of lipid-lowering medication.

Nearly 1000 studies document just harmful the effects of statin medication is.
The drug promises to lower or normalize our cholesterol levels, but in truth, statins deplete your CoQ10 levels. Also known as Coenzyme, the substance is responsible for the creation of your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules, which enable your body to store and transport chemical energy within cells. Suffering a deficiency in ATP molecules can result in complications, including heart failure. With a price point of a whopping $313 per year, it has become difficult to tell whether medical practitioners have the patient or money in mind. Why they continue to prescribe the dangerous medication is simply mind-boggling, especially when there are natural and far more effective alternatives to lowering cholesterol levels.

A Word of Advice

Cholesterol is a perfectly normal and natural substance. It should not scare you to the point where you would opt to take toxic drugs. Instead, understand how cholesterol works and incorporate dietary changes into your daily meals and routines.

- Dr Fredda Branyon

© 2017 Fredda Branyon


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