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Stress Causes and Treatment

Updated on December 31, 2016

Mortgage repayments... marriage strife... young children... job security... your relatives... family finances... separation and divorce... leaving home... unemployment... ill health... work responsibility... death in the family...

All of these, and hundreds of other situations, are causes of stress. Stress is not something new to modern humanity. Stress has always been with us, but the form has changed over the years. Many of the above problems were experienced thousands of years ago, but we at least do not have to worry about starvation and a life-expectancy half that of today.

Stress can cause a very wide range of physical illnesses. Chronic headaches and peptic ulcers are probably the best known diseases due to stress, but depression, heart disease, migraines, diarrhea, shortness of breath, sweating, passing excess urine, rashes, vomiting, and a host of other symptoms may be an outward manifestation of inward emotional turmoil.

There are three basic ways to treat stress:

1. The obvious, most successful, but hardest to achieve, is removing the cause of the stress. If your mortgage repayments are in arrears, winning the lottery will solve your problems and remove the stress, but this is a solution for the minority, not the majority. Marriage stress is probably one of the most difficult forms of stress to remove, as bitterness and wrangling over children and property may last for many years after the divorce.

2. The next way to deal with stress is to rationalize it. This can involve a combination of several different techniques. Talking is an excellent way of relieving anxiety. Discuss the problem with your spouse, relatives, friends, doctor, priest, work mates or anyone else who will listen. Problems often do not appear as insurmountable once bought into the open.

Writing down the details of the problem is another excellent way of relieving anxiety. An insurmountable problem in your mind often appears more manageable on paper, particularly when all your possible options are diagrammatically attached to it to enable a rational view of the situation to be obtained.

Professional assistance in discussing your problems is also very helpful. This may be given by your own general practitioner (who can often be a friend as well as counselor), a psychiatrist (not because you may be insane, but because they have specialist skills in this area), a psychologist, marriage guidance counselor, child guidance officer or social worker. Many people are reluctant to seek this type of assistance, but it is far preferable to the third type of treatment for stress - drugs.

3. Drugs that alter your mood, sedate or relieve anxiety are very successful in dealing with stress, but should only be used in a crisis, intermittently or for short periods of time. Some antidepressant drugs and treatments for psychiatric conditions are designed for long-term use, but most of the anxiety-relieving drugs can cause dependency if used regularly. When prescribed and taken correctly, they act as a very useful crutch to help patients through a few weeks of extreme stress, and allow them to cope until such time as the cause of the stress is removed or counseling can be started.

Please Note:

  • The information provided on this page is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a registered physician or other healthcare professional.

  • The content of this page is intended only to provide a summary and general overview. Do not use this information to disregard medical advice, nor to delay seeking medical advice.

  • Be sure to consult with your doctor for a professional diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment.


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    • Health-n-Fitness profile image

      Health-n-Fitness 8 years ago

      So sorry I missed these comments! I thought I'd go back over all my hubs and doublecheck, glad I did.

      Stressing sucks no doubt about it. If it doesnt kill ya it'll only make you look older. Laughing and enjoying is a great way to relieve stress and even avoid it.

    • mandybeau1 profile image

      mandybeau1 8 years ago from Out there

      Did you know, that if you laugh your blood pressure comes down, and quite rapidly, its important to have stress but important also to contain it. That is prob. why I am a halfwit on the Forums, I don't let shit get to me.

      Could still drop dead from a Heart Attack I spose. all in the lap of the Gods.

      Have a great day


    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Good hub, and very appropriate to the times we live in. Hope to see more of you on HubPages! Good luck with your Hub Challenge!