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Untreated Yeast Infections

Updated on May 24, 2009

Untreated yeast infections are considered by a small percentage of women. Leaving the mutated yeast ( which is now a fungus ) to do what it wants will only result in an infection that is more difficult to treat, and one that has severe symptoms.

Your health will slowly be destroyed if you don't prevent the yeast in your body from continuing to mutate into an infection causing fungus. You need to treat your yeast infection as soon as possible.

The Mutating Candida In Your Body

The reason you're suffering from a yeast infection in the first place is because the Candida yeast that lives there naturally has started to mutate into a fungus.

This happens when your body's natural defenses have been compromised in some way, and the yeast is no longer kept under control. Once the yeast isn't kept under control it will grow in numbers and then when it's overpowered your body's natural flora it will mutate into an aggressive fungus.

This fungus then feeds on the skin cells on the inside of your vagina, and will feed on the cells in yoru intestines.

Yeast In Your Intetsines

If the yeast has mutated in your vagina then it can mutate anywhere on your body. The next most common place is the intestines. If an infection in the intestines is left untreated then the fungus will happily breed and grow by the billions every day.

Our modern day diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates feeds the fungus, and this helps it to get stronger and over power your beneficial bacteria that is slowly being killed off.

An early sign of intestinal fungus is gas and bloating. Fungus is a gas forming organism and it will also prevent you from digesting your food properly so it ferments in your intestines.

The Fungus Will Feed On You

s your infection is left untreated the fungus will continue to feed on you. The itching in yoru vagina is caused by the fungus feeding on your skin cells. As the feeding continues, while you leave your infection alone, the fungus will get deeper into your skin in search of fresh skin cells to feed on.

This makes your symptoms more intense, and will make your infection more difficult to cure. As the fungus gets deeper, creams and suppositories will have a harder time penetrating yoru skin deep enough to kill all of the fungus.

This resulst in the fungsu becoming resistant to the anti fungal cream or suppository you have been using. Most women will then just try and cure the infection with the same treatment hoping that one day it will be gone. All they are doing is making the infection worse as the mutated yeast becomes more resistant, and gets more aggressive.

You Must Cure Your Infection As Soon As Possible

When you're suffering from a yeast infection you must cure it as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more difficult it will become to successfully treat.

It will slowly destroy your levels of beneficial bacteria, and then your infection will get worse, and your health will deteriorate.

Your digestion will suffer so you can't digest the nutrients from your food properly, and this will make your immune system weaker. Your immune system needs to be strong to prevent the Candida in your body from mutating.

Eliminating the Mutated Yeast From Your Body

To learn more about successfully eliminating the mutated yeast from your body visit - Natural Cure For Yeast Infections


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      Pharmd690 5 years ago

      Hello! dgdedde interesting dgdedde site! I'm really like it! Very, very dgdedde good!

    • profile image

      dr amit 7 years ago

      when candida infection remain untreated or patient do no take it serious then it can spread and may involve oter systems of body specially in immunocompromised persons..