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Useful Endometriosis info

Updated on August 9, 2009


Endometriosis affects roughly five to ten percent of world's female population who zealously seek endometriosis remedies as this condition causes pain and sometimes even infertility.

Endometriosis is a woman specific,non life threatening but painful condition usually affecting women in the reproductive age group 30 to 40.This condition is triggered by hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle.

The uterus is lined by a soft tissue called endometrium whose cells are sensitive to hormonal changes.Endometrium acts as a base or nest for the growth of fertilized egg released by the ovaries every month.If the egg is not fertilized,the soft tissue endometrium breaks up into fragments and released out of the body through the menstrual fluids.

In some women,the menstrual fluids are not fully expelled and some menstrual fluid spills over to the adjacent parts near the uterus.Some fragments of endometrium settle down in the new locations and sometimes they are carried by the blood even to other far away parts such as lungs.Strangely our immune system treats these fragments as part of our own body,hence does not act against them.

These endometrium fragments retain the original characteristic of responding to hormonal changes even in the new locations by swelling up as they swell in uterus there by causing internal bleeding leading to blood filled cysts during each menstrual cycle.This causes pain and other complications.

The symptoms of endometriosis are...

1.severe pain generally in the pelvic area and lower back,

2.painful sex,


4.painful periods,

5.pain during urination or bowel movement,


Endometriosis remedies|natural treatment consist of combining natural home treatment,medication,usage of alternative therapy and finally surgery.For some women the pain causing tissue may appear again even after surgery.It is found that hormone altering pills such as birth control pills help in controlling endometriosis.Consult your doctor for suitable medical advice.The following tips may help.

1.Subject the lower abdomen to hot massages to relieve the pain.

2.Lower your stress levels through meditation thereby strengthening your immune system.

3.If you can,do light exercises like walking and cycling after consulting your doctor.

4.Above all, have a positive attitude and you will surely overcome or at least manage endometriosis.


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