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Tea Tree Oil Uses

Updated on July 27, 2013

Melaleuca Oil or the Essential Oil of Tea Tree in a Few Words ...

Tea Tree - tree oil - tee tree oil - tea oil - t tree oil - tea tree oil = all the same!


The essential oil of tea tree has many properties, among them especially on raising its healing capacity and antiseptic qualities.

The "tea tree" grows in Australia. It has no connection with the tea we drink or extract. The tea we drink comes from the tea plant.

Used for thousands of years by the Aborigines to accelerate blood circulation, tea tree is known for its long, thin leaves. The essential oil extracted from the leaves and branches is particularly effective against bacterial infections, acne and fungal infections. It is also found in many treatments for skin problems and deodorants.

Recommended if abscesses, acne, boils, athlete's foot, skin irritation, gingivitis.

This is my magic product against pimples ...

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Good 'N Natur...

Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tree Tea Oil has divers and multiple properties :

This essential oil has many properties:

Anti-infectives, anti-fungal, antiseptic, urinary antiseptic, balsamic, healing, expectorant, cleaning, stimulating, the essential oil of tea tree is rich in properties.

Perfectly effective!

Recommended :

- To treat abscesses;

- To reduce the accumulation of toxins and fluids;

- To ease asthma;

- To treat infected wounds;

- Against Bronchitis;

- Against Herpes;

- Against UTIs;

- To relieve skin irritations;

- Against Infectious Diseases;

- Against fungal infections of the feet;

- To improve the respiratory system.

So you can use it to treat many ailments (abscess, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, fungus, mushrooms, urinary problems, asthma ....).

It stimulates the immune-system.

Easy to use, it is safe for external use. Of course, be careful, if you absorb.

Not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.

Now Foods - Tea Tree Essential Oil, ...

How to Use Tea Tree Oil?

- In the bath

- In diffusion

- In Massage

Adios Pimples, Spots and Skin Imperfection!

Tea Tree Oil Acne

Tea trea oil is best known for its anti-acne properties.

It has surely happened to you wake up one crucial morning (appointments, maintains scheduled evening) with a big red pimples in the middle of the face ?

Between special creams, various disinfectants, the situation does not necessarily improve in record time ...

A few drops of this essential oil can do wonders, or at least you can see visible improvement in few hours. This is a pleasant surprise I had the day before.

A cursed button, painful, with a red halo, due to inflammation. After trying in vain lotions antibiotics, I applied and reapplied my tree tea oil ...

At first, little warmth. After two hours, it was halved, and did not hurt anymore. I would not have believed if I had never tried.

The essential oil of Tea Tree can be applied pure with a cotton swab on the inflamed pimples, morning and evening until complete disappearance of the button. You can also have a warm feeling to the skin is quite normal. The essential oil of Tea Tree heats a little skin!

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil ...

Also help for acne...

Facial Blemish Stick-Anti-Bacterial ...


DESERT ESSENCE Tea Tree Oil Ointment...

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Have dandruff is not serious and is not a sign of a serious medical problem.

However, it can be annoying and embarrassing.

This especially means that your scalp is dry and sometimes it may be subject to itching.

If you are prone to dandruff and want to get rid, so look for a shampoo containing about 5% tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil shampoo cleanses the scalp and regulates sebum production.

The easiest way is to buy tea tree shampoo already all mixed.

Or you can buy a shampoo for dry scalp and add 5% essential oil. For a 250 ml bottle for example add 1 tablespoon of tree tea oil. Make a shampoo every day by letting act ten minutes on the scalp, then rinse with warm water.

It also helps fight dandruff, flaking, the seborrhea dermatitis.

It also reduces hair loss.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shamp...

Pedifix FungaSoapLiquid with Tea Tree Oil, 6 oz.
Pedifix FungaSoapLiquid with Tea Tree Oil, 6 oz.

After spending nearly 35 years struggling with a skin rash that did not respond to dermatologists' treatments, I found this product began to heal my rash the first time

Pedifix Soaking Crystals Foot Bath - (6) 1 Oz. Packetsper Box
Pedifix Soaking Crystals Foot Bath - (6) 1 Oz. Packetsper Box

Great for keeping your feet healthy and for a relaxing treat for your feet.

Jason Natural Products Shampoo Tea Tree Oil Therapy
Jason Natural Products Shampoo Tea Tree Oil Therapy

My scalp can get very itchy and dry, especially when it is hot outside. After using this for a couple weeks my head doesn't itch at all anymore


Important - Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Attention, as each active ingredient, Tee tree oil must be used wisely!

Inquire, try it and you will see that you cannot live without it, it's not a miracle product, but ... it's still very amazing what this little product is capable of relieving your pain.

How do you use Tea Tree Oil ?

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Tea Tree Oil is the best to treat acne and pimples. Do you agree ?

What is your opinion about Tea Tree Oil ?

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