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Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Updated on December 26, 2015

Tea Tree Oil - Uses & Benefits

Tea tree oil is an essential oil taken from the Melaleuca tree. Most species of this tree can be found in Australia. Melaeuca bark When the oil is extracted from this tree it produces an essential oil that has antifungal and antibiotic properties.

Because of these properties tea tree oil and been shown effective in treatments of several human ailments which include, ring worm, athletes foot, dandruff, moderate acne, boils, insect bites, canker sores, and halitosis. Isn't that amazing! Who would have ever thought that an essential oil could treat so many different ailments? Let's look at a few of these problems more closely.


Who wants to put a chemical on their face when they have the option of using a natural product such as tea tree oil? You skin is already under attack! Don't damage it more by using harsh chemicals. Use tea tree oil.Tea tree oil has been shown to be comparable to the effects in the treatment of acne as that of benzoil peroxide which is found in many over the counter products.


Dandruff is a problem suffered by people the world around. Many people turn to expensive products to treat dandruff. Again, most of these products have harsh chemicals in them. If you suffer from dandruff and want a natural solution try a shampoo that has tea tree oil in it. A natural solution to a natural problem.

Athletes foot and Ring Worm

No one is immune to these dermatophytes! However, the use of a few drops of tea tree oil in water you can treat the problem. As well, many soaps and cream are available that contain tea tree oil. Which ever way you decide to treat the problem, with the use of tea tree oil you are solving the problem naturally without the high cost of a perscription.


What an embarassment bad breath can be! No one wants to suffer with it, but many do. Tea tree oil has been shown as a safe and effective way to deal with halitosis. There are toothpaste that offer tea tree oil as a key ingredient. You may have to go to a natural or health food store to find it. But, wouldn't it be worth it? The comfort of knowing that you weren't exposing you gums and throat to chemicals is worth the trip.

Bee stings, Insect Bites, and Minor Cuts

Because tea tree oil is a natural astringent and has antibiotic properties it can help to speed the recovery of minor wounds and insect bites. Experts think that tea tree oil is so effective is that it combines with skins natural oil so it actually stays on the wound longer than normal antiseptics or antibiotic creams.

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Tea Tree Oil is the natural solution to solve natural problems

As you can see tea tree oil is effective in treating several different ailments that most have suffered with at one time or another. If you are tired of the expense of other products that expose the body needlessly to harsh chemicals, then tea tree oil is the answer for you.

It is easy to find in nearly every pharmacy or grocery store that you go into. Stop needlessly introducing chemicals into your body and onto you skin. Look for tea tree oil and utilize it's essential oils to naturally heal your ailments.

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