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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Updated on April 19, 2013

When you walk by in your school, college or office corridors, you will always see those small, red and bulky cylinders hanging by the wall. They are like the first aid for fires. Everyone knows what a fire extinguisher is, but not everyone has fire extinguisher training and is able to use one in the time of need. Never take anything for granted as you never know when you might need to use one. Almost more than 50% of the people do not know how to use one, so for that here are the instructions as to how to use a fire extinguisher.

Instructions to use a fire extinguisher

This is not much of an instruction but an advice always to follow. Whenever there is a fire outbreak, always call the emergency services first. If the fire is small then it is not really much of an issue, but in case it gets out of hand and you are unable to handle it then it is always better to know that help is on its way. Also fire extinguishers are only efficient with small fires. If the fire is large enough to engulf your room, then it is a job for the experts. So in the meantime you can use your fire extinguisher to minimize the damage.

The first step to use a fire extinguisher is to make sure that it is filled and loaded. An empty extinguisher is of no use to you and neither is a half-filled one. It is important to get your extinguisher filled up if possible or else replaced by a new one. Also make sure the extinguisher has not expired, else spraying it will make no difference as it won't affect the fire at all.

Using a fire extinguisher is actually not that hard. There are just four main steps that need to be followed:

a. Pull and remove the safety locking pin on the extinguisher. This unlocks the mechanism and now you can freely use the extinguisher.

b. Hold the hose in your other hand and aim it at the base of the fire.

c. Now press the handle hard so as to release the extinguishing material onto the fire. Make sure that you spray on the base of the fire and not the flames. It is important to take the source out. This will stop the fire quicker and also prevent it from spreading around.

d. While spraying, sweep the hose from side to side so as to cover all the ends of the fire. Make sure there are no burning areas left which might catch fire later again.

How to use a Fire Extinguisher

Follow the above three steps to use a fire extinguisher and keep your place safe. Fires can be ravaging and cause massive loss of material and life as well. So it is important to keep your place safe from fires and fire extinguishers are a good way to prevent the fires from increasing rapidly. Accidents can happen anytime, so make sure you have a home fire extinguisher handy always and stay safe.


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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 4 years ago from India

      Useful guide. Well written and it is helpful. I voted the hub UP, useful.