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Using Rose Hip Essential Oils: What Are The Benefits?

Updated on December 22, 2015

Introduction to Rose Hip Essential Oil

In comparison to other essential oils used in aromatherapy, the therapeutic properties of rose hip essential oil are just recently discovered. However, not that people have become aware of its benefits, there is a recent surge in its popularity. Rose hip is basically the seed pods that are left behind after the leaves of the rose bush have fallen off.

To extract the oils from the seed pods of the rose bush, it undergoes a cold pressing method. To ensure that you produce only the highest quality rose hip essential oil, there are specific varieties you should utilize during the extraction method, most notably the Rosa rugosa or Japanese rose. However, you might have to shell out some major cash to get one of these because rose hip essential oils are not volatile, thus buying them off the market can prove to be a bit expensive. For this same reason, several manufacturers have tried to create lower quality versions of this oil in the hopes of taking advantage of its growing demand. Thus, you need to beware of them to avoid purchasing low quality oils that are incapable of delivering the same quality of results.

Fragrance & Oils : How to Make Rose Hip Oil

Therapeutic Properties of Rose Hip Oil

The discovery of the therapeutic and essential properties of rose hip oil has provided lots of new resources for aromatherapists to cure a wide range of conditions and give overall health a boost. To learn more about the most active properties found in rose hip essential oil, they are discussed in detail below:

*Vitamin C is one of the richest vitamin property found in the oil extracted from the seed pods of rose bush. And while there are several potential sources of vitamin C, rose hip oil makes a potent addition into that list such that you can enjoy the effects of this vitamin in your body. And for every 100 gram of dried rose hip oil, you can get as much as 1700 to as much as 2000mg of vitamin C. But you need to opt for plants that are grown in the best conditions and practices, follow the most beneficial extraction method, proper handling and storage, to ensure that you can also experience the same high quality with the oil produced. Experts believe that rose hip oil extracted from plant varieties that are grown in cooler climates are the best sources of vitamin C.

*EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids is another beneficial property found in great amount in rose hip oil. The rose mosquetta specie is considered to produce the highest amount of essential fatty acids, which is up to 80 percent of the overall yield. It therefore explains why rose hip essential oil is a choice ingredient in most skin care products in the market for its natural ability to boost skin regeneration and reduce fine lines or wrinkle appearance.

Organic Rosehip Skincare

Skin Care Benefits

The use of rose hip oil for skin care purposes is probably one of its most popular applications. Both the essential fatty acids and vitamin C found in this oil work together in boosting your skin cell regeneration and provide a rejuvenating effect for a natural glow. Thus, rose hip oil is an effective natural alternative for skin moisturizers and creams whether it be in diluted or undiluted form. And yet, there are no risks for harsh side effects as compared to chemical skin care products that are too strong for sensitive skin. However, you still have to undergo the standard skin patch test wherein you take a tiny amount of the oil and place it in obscure places in your body to determine whether you have skin reactions to the oil or not.

Aside from the anti-aging results of using rose hip essential oil as your natural skin care agent, it has been utilized as a natural remedy against skin disorders. When you use this oil on your skin, it results in a firming action that eliminates skin sagging problems. In addition, it reverses the effects of wrinkling and aging on your skin for a youthful look. When it comes to skin problems, it speeds up the healing of either scars or burns, while it can also be utilized for treatment of such conditions as acne, skin blemishes, dryness, eczema, damaged skin, scarring, and keloid formation.

Rose Hip Oil - rosa mosqueta - Anti Aging, Scars, Regeneration of cells, Uses

Rose Hip Oil for Stress Relief

Aside from the skin and beauty care benefits of using rose hip essential oil, it emits a calming scent that helps to relax your body and mind. This same quality explains the popularity of rose hip essential oil for stress relief and treatment of depression. There are two species highly recommended for producing the best oil quality for the said treatment: Rosa gallica and Rosa centifolia. While the inhalation or diffusion of rose hip oil might provide wonderful benefits to anyone suffering from chronic stress, it must not be inhaled by pregnant women due to the possibility of inducing labor.

Benefits to Your Internal Health System

When your internal health system is working efficiently, then the rest of your body functions are healthy as well. Thus, the ability of rose hip oil to enhance the internal health system of the body makes it a proven choice for boosting internal health functions. Below are some of the ways in which it is achieved:

  • The therapeutic properties of rose hip oil provide your body with the natural disease fighting mechanism. With regular use of the oil, you can combat such diseases as chronic diarrhea, kidney failure, constipation, infertility, urinary bladder infection, dizziness, rheumatoid arthritis, gastritis, and so much more.
  • This oil is rich in iron, which is beneficial for women during menstruation such that they can replenish all lost blood supply.
  • When taking antibiotics, you can use rose hip oil as a complementary treatment to balance the amount of good bacteria in your body, since they too can produce wonderful benefits to your internal health system.
  • It creates a stabilizing effect on your nervous system.

How To Apply

To enjoy the benefits of using rose hip essential oil, there are two basic methods that you can try. These application methods are so easy; you won’t even need the aid of devices or other aromatherapy accessories:

  • Topical use – This is the most ideal application for treating skin disorders or boosting your overall skin health. Meanwhile, as your skin absorbs the essences of the oil, it travels into your bloodstream and affecting your internal health system function.
  • Massage – This is a great method to use when treating chronic stress and depression. While massaging is already relaxing in itself, inhaling the essences of rose hip oil while being massaged offers an enriching level of relaxation.

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    Katrina Ariel 8 years ago from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada

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