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Vaccine Debate

Updated on March 8, 2015

Vaccine Debate and Polls

Take the following polls and leave your opinion in our Vaccine Duel. Do you believe that we need to require vaccinations or should we lessen the vaccination rate? There are so many strong positions (some very passionate)... so, which one is right and which is wrong or which one is MORE right?

The reality is- I am going to be a new father in the fall and I want to hear your opinions. I want to know your experiences and what to look out for. I hope this resource can help others that are making the vaccine decision.

I have researched and found that according to 2008 data, there approximately 76% of the US vaccinated. The CDC says that optimally they would like to see that number at 80%. Since this was from 2008 numbers, I am guessing that the percentage is lower than 76% based off of a public opinion that's growing against vaccinations.

In the vaccination debate, not only have doctors and other medical professionals jumped into the debate, but also celebrities. These prominent public figures have taken stands for and against vaccines (i.e. Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Amanda Peete, Holly Robinson Peete, etc.). Have their voices changed the opinions of parents as the vaccine decision is being made?

I want to aggregate some of opinions because we are sometimes bombarded by the loudest opinion. We are often persuaded by famous people or people that are extremely passionate. However, just because passion exist- it does not mean that they have the correct answers. For example, I made the mistake of asking new parents and soon realized that I just committed a few hours of my life that I will not get back. They acted like experts, but who really knows (especially as first time parents or anythings).

I'm hopeful that some great pros and cons can be established. Thanks for participating!

Measles outbreak at Disneyland

Many are using the latest measles outbreak at Disneyland as an example of the harm of not immunizing children. Do you agree?

Many that do not vaccinate are not seeing the real issue. They are not seeing how their unvaccinated children are potentially harming others. I was at Disney Land with when this was happening, but before the reports when public.

And guess what? My child is four months old and completely susceptible to disease and illnesses. Why? Because he is not old enough to be fully vaccinated. So, rather than having fully vaccinated children surrounding him, he was bringing in germs.

Did my son get a disease while in Disneyland? No, but that didn't stop the fear and anger to creep in. Vaccination is the responsible thing to do. It has changed how we live and has reduced the amount of mass deaths that were prevalent in world history.

I believe that pushing the body with too many immunizations may cause harm. However, it can also build the body. Am I germ freak? No, but I do believe in responsibility. And immunizing in this day is the responsible thing to do.

Vaccine Poll #1 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

What do you believe?

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Vaccine Poll #2 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

I am up-to-date on my recommended vaccinations.

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Vaccination Books and Other Info from Amazon

See these Amazon links books and reading material FOR and AGAINST vaccines below. There are very strong opinions on both sides of the argument.

Even if you have your mind made up, I recommend reading up about the opposing opinion. There are points on both sides that have validity.

What are some of the books, websites, and other materials you use to determine vaccination opinions? I would love to hear and get a well rounded argument started.

Vaccines (specifically MMR) and Autism

Where did the recent fear stem from?

One of the most concise explanations I have found on the recent scare of autism coming from the MMR vaccination can be read at the following link. I found the information informative and helped add to the debate on vaccinations. Take a look here:

In general, Andrew Wakefield (a British doctor) observed that of 12 patients he was treating for bowel disease six of them had autism. Dr. Wakefield looked more into the vaccinations of his patients and found that the same six had had the MMR vaccination.

The article from Dr. Wakefield was published in a British medical journal that was well respected (The Lancet). Within a matter of a few days, much of the world (those concerned and in the know with medical research) were scrambling for answers on this "new" research.

In about the same amount of time, there were rebuttals for the research and holes that were punched in Dr. Wakefield's theory. Several medical organizations have publicly state since that there is not conclusive evidence that MMR causes autism. However, that has not stopped many from continuing to think that is has (Celebrity Jenny McCarthy has been a main spokesperson on the matter of autism and MMR). You can read more about the controversy of whether her son does or does not have autism here:

PROS and CONS of Vaccines - List what you know.

What are the PROS and CONS of getting vaccinations?

Vaccine Poll #3 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

Vaccines are for Germaphobes.

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Vaccine Poll #5 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

Choose which statement is closest to your current status-

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Vaccine Poll #4 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

Does the MMR vaccine cause autism in your opinion?

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Vaccine Poll #6 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

Choose which statement is closest to your opinion-

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Vaccine Poll #7 - Answer so we can see average public opinion. Thanks!

Choose which statement is closest to your opinion-

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How has Jenny McCarthy affected your opinions on Vaccines?

Is Jenny McCarthy a doctor or professional on Autism? No. However, it has been very interesting to see some public opinion changes due to the highly visible figure making a stand on vaccines (specifically MMR).

So, how does a someone so removed from medical knowledge influence how parents treat vaccines? This goes to show that the vaccine debate very volatile, often hinging on the passionate opinions of very vocal people. Most of have learned our lesson to NOT bring up our own opinions of vaccinations in large groups. It's a party and mood killer because this always seems to ignite the opposition (regardless of what position on vaccines you hold) and start an argument. Vaccines are difficult to talk about with people because they're always trying to convince to do it their way... so, maybe that's why people listen to these highly vocal but distant people in the media?

A final example of the volatility of the vaccine debate is another part of the Jenny McCarthy/autism story. In January a story 'leaked" (which has now been removed) that Jenny McCarthy admitted that her son did not have autism. This set off an equal fire storm about vaccines that happened when Jenny claimed MMR caused the autism of her child. Which is story is true? Which is not true?

Vaccines, in our opinion, are a very personal decision. We suggest you seek out the council of your doctor and other professionals to do what you feel comfortable with. There are pros and cons for every side. One thing is clear, we need to weed through the very loud and passionate opinions and stick with what is reasonable and works for your way of life.

Leave all your general comments below. - We would love to hear any additional comments on the subjects or vaccines, hygiene, infection control and so forth!

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    • benjamindlee profile image

      benjamindlee 3 years ago

      Interesting. Somethings have become more of a choice than in the past... It will be interesting to see the general direction of vaccines in the future.