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Valerian- The Natural Alternative to Valium or (Diazepam)

Updated on July 7, 2018

Valerian-The Natural Alternative to Valium, (Diazepam)

Why use dangerous chemical infused prescription drugs or strong man-made chemical components instead of this pure natural product to relieve Stress and Anxiety.

Help lower blood pressure and improve your sleep with the natural sedative, Valerian.


Natural Resource vs. Chemical Compounds

 I'm a firm believer in utilizing  all the natural resources that God has put on this earth to aid in healing, improving and maintaining our physical and emotional health. One such natural resource that is readily available at any health food retail outlet and most pharmacies is over the counter Valerian root. Valerian is a complex plant that has a tranquilizing effect that works much the same as prescription Valium,  (Diazepam) without leaving you with that groggy feeling the next morning. "Valerian actually strengthens the the nervous system, unlike  chemical tranquilizers."


If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders, try sipping on a cup of warm valerian root tea in the late evening or just before bed-time. Turn the lighting in the room low, play some relaxing music. If you prefer, read the Bible or a few pages of a good book. Thumb through a magazine that interest you. Stay away from reading the newspaper or watching news broadcasts near bedtime. Make this your time to relax. Take a few deep slow breaths and remember to exhale. :)

If you are nervous and anxious,(many of us are, especially these days) or work in a high stress atmosphere, try taking an all natural Valerian root capsule daily. Valerian relieves the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Sometimes one capsule is all that is needed.


"The alkaloids found in Valerian have a definite and marked ability to act as a hypertensive, lowering the blood pressure."

"Valerian relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, including those in the stomach which clench up under stress and strain."

"Valerian is a natural sedative."

" Valerian root is a perennial native to Europe and Asia. It has green leaves and small white flowers. The roots are used in herbal medicine."

Valerian is available in capsule, tablet, liquid and tea bag

Valerian is non-addictive

Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

Valerian Root Plant
Valerian Root Plant | Source

© 2011 Becky


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