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Vision Improvement in Glaucoma

Updated on September 16, 2014

How I got started healing glaucoma

By Glen Swartwout

The focus on drugs and surgery to reduce eye pressure in conventional glaucoma care still results in many people eventually going blind. Is there more that can be done to prevent or even reverse the vision loss of glaucoma?

Over 30 years ago, when I found out I was beginning to lose my vision to glaucoma, I decided to find out how to track down and heal the underlying causes rather than just treat a symptom (IOP). My glaucoma specialist expected that if I went down the standard path of treatment, I would be blind by now. Instead, my pressures and my vision are normal. I wrote Healing Glaucoma to share what I have learned over the years as a holistic eye doctor treating causes instead of chasing symptom management...

Over the past 30 years as a healer, I have developed methods of biocommunication, both electronically in person and remotely as a medical empath through surrogate kinesiology. With these methods it is possible to communicate directly with the wisdom of the body and identify the underlying causal chains at work. Remedies can be identified that optimize the body's innate healing of these causal factors, greatly speeding up the healing processes that are always at work, but often not able to keep up with the ongoing damage, especially in degenerative states. I call this communication process Biofield Analysis, and the resultant health restoration Accelerated Self-Healing.

This book is my collection of all the natural remedies I could find specific to glaucoma over the last 30 years!

New Study Shows Peripheral Vision Can Be Improved in Glaucoma:

Vision Restoration Training for Glaucoma, A Randomized Clinical Trial by Bernhard A. Sabel, PhD; Julia Gudlin, PhD

Vision training has previously been found to improve visual fields in hemianopia and optic nerve damage. Published February 6, 2014 in the JAMA Ophthalmology, a new placebo controlled study shows that stimulating the residual peripheral vision in glaucoma increases visual fields, partially reversing the vision loss from the disease with behavioural vision training. High-resolution perimetry improved (P = .007) as did reaction time (P = .009).

I collected all my favourite eye exercises complete with 'read and do' instructional sets in this book for you:

Learn about the importance of Regulation - Understanding your healing process helps you be successful

Many people with glaucoma have blocked regulation, and this is not improved with medical and surgical management of eye pressure. In fact, many conventional disease focused treatments tend to build up tolerance over time, an indication that they are actually blocking the body's regulatory responses and reducing this measure of the fundamental level of health. Listen in as Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout discusses the different levels of Regulation.

Natural Eye and Vision Care - More books by Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout and other holistic eye doctors

Throughout this article are a few of my books on natural eye and vision care. I wrote them to help people like you see that there is so much more that is possible in caring for our eyes and vision than you might commonly find in the marketplace. The books are priced as low as possible to make them accessible, and I don't make a dime from any of them, as I took a vow of poverty about 20 years ago... So, I am retired from commerce, but in my healing ministry, I am called to share what I have learned that can be of service. If you are helped, please leave a message for others to see...

Refreshing Vision includes many behavioural vision training exercises for stimulating and restoring peripheral vision. Healing Glaucoma covers natural medicine for accelerated self-healing in Glaucoma.

Scoop up a copy of this book if you can!

Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia
Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia

This important book is out of print, but you can still find a used copy. It includes eye exercises from both Eastern and Western traditions.



Holistic Medicine treats the whole person to help the body heal a sick part, rather than focusing just on trying to manipulate the measures of imbalance expressed in the illness. Healing comes from the relationship between the parts of the body. For example, every cell relies on the lungs, heart and circulatory system to supply oxygen. Every cell needs the digestive system to properly digest foods and absorb nutrients to be delivered by the circulation. The nervous system regulates most tissues with both sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve endings to balance the autonomic (meaning automatic) control of functions like fluid production in the brain and the eye. Thinking holistically gives a clinician many more ways to influence this kind of balance to restore harmony and order rather than adding to the chaos by constantly attempting to force changes upon a measurement of body function, like eye pressure, with foreign interventions like pharmaceuticals and surgery.

Dr. Kondrot integrates a wide range of natural healing techniques:

Healing the Eye the Natural Way
Healing the Eye the Natural Way

Dr. Kondrot is a holistic eye surgeon who has discovered for himself how valuable natural therapies are in healing glaucoma. He uses homeopathy, Syntonic phototherapy, and electrical frequencies, among others.


Using Electrons to Restore Healing Energy

Electrons are a fundamental form of energy. In fact, as defined by the Nernst equation in biophysics, they are one of the three that we can measure. The other two are protons and photons, which are equally important for healing. Electrons are healing in their very nature. Biological systems store up electrons and eliminate protons to build up a store of electrical energy in the very water that makes up 99% of life on a molecular level. That energized water battery, when it is fully recharged, can restore function to cells that have run down and stopped working. It can also provide the energy needed for cellular regeneration, restoring functional tissue to areas where the cells had died.

Electrons represent one of the 5 fundamental presences in existence and in healing...

Healing is Voltage: Healing Eye Diseases
Healing is Voltage: Healing Eye Diseases

Russian SCENAR frequency therapy developed to take the place of pharmaceuticals in space travel is introduced by the eye surgeon who developed modern no-stitch cataract surgery.


Books worth reading and support strategies worth implementing - Important aspects of natural healing in Glaucoma

Look closer at these therapeutic interventions recommended by Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout. The real beauty of all these methods, and other supportive healing modalities, is that they work not only by helping the eyes get healthier, but by supporting all of you to become healthier and more resilient. Congratulations on finding out that drugs and surgery are NOT the only way to help maintain and improve your visual function and eye health in the face of glaucoma. You will learn much more in the book Healing Glaucoma, but these items are some crucial pieces of the puzzle. Welcome to a brighter, more hope filled world!

Read this book to understand how Photons heal. They are another one of the 5 Quintessential healers!

Light: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW
Light: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW

Light is the dominant regulator of the diurnal endocrine cycle that controls IOP. Syntonic and other light frequency therapies can help bring this regulation back into balance.


Waters of Life...

Water is the basis of eye pressure, and the basis of life. Healthier water promotes healthier, more balanced function in the eyes. Acidity (low pH which means high protons) is related to toxicity, stress, allergy and elevated intraocular pressure. Replacing acid water, like most bottled water, not to mention soda, which is severely acidic, with alkaline water is an important step in better hygiene for the eyes.

Supply electrons and reduce protons to support the Quintessential balance of life.

NewCell Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine
NewCell Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine

Microwater penetrates body tissues 10 times better than other filtered waters due to its smaller cluster size. That supports better aqueous outflow!


Electrons are antioxidant!

The earth is negatively charged because it has a superabundance of electrons, just like the sun is positively charged. They mirror the subatomic structure that makes up the body... As Above, So Below! Connect to the Earth as your body is meant to, and this becomes your #1 source of antioxidant protection, saving vitamins for their co-enzyme functions. Did you know, for example, that your eyes concentrate the second highest level of Vitamin C found anywhere in the body into the Aqueous fluid? The only higher level is found in the adrenal glands, which are also very closely related to regulation of eye fluid pressures.

Earthing Starter Kit
Earthing Starter Kit

Grounding your body to the Earth as our bodies are intended by nature provides the most abundant source of electrons, which are by definition anti-oxidant! This kit includes a special half sheet and the other tools you need to efficiently and comfortably ground yourself during the third of your life when you are sleeping... which is also when your eye pressures are most likely highest.


Don't neglect lymphatic outflow!

Did you know that your lymph system provides part of the outflow of fluid pressure from the front of the eyes? Rebounding gently each day on a soft bounce mini-trampoline is the most efficient way to stimulate the lymph system. Other helpers include micro water (see above) and NAC (the amino acid supplement N-Acetyl Cysteine) to make the lymph more fluid.

Needak Rebounder - R20 Non-Folding Soft Bounce Platinum Blue Edition
Needak Rebounder - R20 Non-Folding Soft Bounce Platinum Blue Edition

Needak's soft bounce rebounder is the minimum quality mini-trampoline you need for optimizing lymph drainage from the eye with a gentle "health bounce" along with Microwater and the amino acid N-Acetyl Cysteine to help liquify the lymph.


Learn the latest research breakthroughs on living water!

There is so much more to the physiology of water than was even know a couple years ago. Get up to date with this important book from one of the world's leading water researchers!

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor
The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

This is crucial new information about the structure of water from Professor Pollack that has deep implications for healing the fluid dynamics of the eyes.


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