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Vision Improvement in Macular Degeneration

Updated on February 7, 2015

Macular Regeneration with Natural Medicine

By Glen Swartwout

Over many years as a holistic Optometrist, I have collected clinical pearls on natural remedies that could have the potential to prevent or even reverse some of the most common causes of blindness in our culture.

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in modern Western culture.

Twice patients have come to me asking if I can help them keep their remaining vision when they were facing the worst kind of macular degeneration: the wet type.

This is where blood vessels are leaking in the back of the eye, resulting in scarring and further damage.

The best treatment conventional medicine had to offer these patients was laser surgery to cauterize the leaking vessels, but this would necessarily also do damage to the very remaining vision it attempts to protect.

Both of these patients wanted to avoid the laser burn.

I suggested they try everything they could with the information and methods I am showing you here as a clinical trial for a reasonable initial followup period, like 3 months, with their retinal specialists.

Both patients were seeing Harvard trained retinologists who agreed to monitor their disease while the patients waited to see if they could stop the progressive vision loss without doing further damage by laser...

The story of the first cases of Macular Regeneration...

Macular Degeneration... ...Macular Regeneration (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 3)
Macular Degeneration... ...Macular Regeneration (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 3)

Even though Macular Degeneration is considered the leading cause of irreversible blindness in America, some people have restored functional vision even after being certified legally blind, using the information in this book.

The cases described in the book were documented by Harvard trained retinologists.


How successful were they?

In both cases, the result of applying as much as possible of the natural methods and techniques described here resulted in something neither retinologist had ever seen before... something the medical textbooks say is impossible.

Both patients, who were already legally blind at the outset, regained enough functional vision to get a driver's license if they wanted to!

The bleeding stopped in both cases, so they no longer needed damaging surgery.

Even the scar tissue was starting to reduce rather than getting worse.

Their retinas were actually healing!

Can Exercise Help?

Exercise is important for maintaining cardiovascular health.

And circulation is what brings in nutrients and clears away wastes and toxins.

So general exercise is very important to keep your whole body healthy.

Movement is essential for pumping your lymph, which is the waste collection system for most tissues.

When you do exercise, it is important not to stress yourself.

If you always make sure that you can easily talk or sing during your activities, you can rest assured that you are not producing hypoxic (low oxygen) or anaerobic conditions for your cells.

This is especially important for your macula, because it requires more oxygen than any other tissue in your entire body!

What About Eye Exercise?

Now, you can also exercise your eyes specifically.

And that will stimulate circulation, lymphatic drainage, and increased healing energy right where you need it for healing your eyes.

I started learning, and creating eye exercises a full half century ago.

And I have collected my favorites in my book Refreshing Vision.

Eye Exercises to promote eye health and visual performance

Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 1)
Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 1)

This book is packed with dozens and dozens of the author's favourite vision improvement activities.


How can you reverse aging?

Time is a dimensional context in which causality plays out... not the cause in itself.

Your body is always regenerating as well as degenerating.

Changing the direction of what is happening in your body is a matter of identifying, balancing and removing hidden underlying causes, while supporting the body's innate healing systems.

I developed the method of Biofield Analysis to support Accelerated Self-Healing.

At the time, I was expected to die before my 40th birthday.

It may not exactly reverse time, but it can certainly slow and even reverse the functional deterioration we have come to associate with aging.

For two decades, while I was developing this system and applying to my own survival, patients and friends told me that I was looking younger than I did the last time they saw me.

And they weren't just being polite.

They were actually surprised.

Because we don't normally see that.

We are accustomed to watching people's health degenerate as they age.

So, there is a new potential here for maturing into your wisdom with increasing functionality.

It is a new model for healthy aging.

Listen as Dr. Glen shares his contemplations on time and causation based on the many profound healing experiences he has witnessed in over 30 years of practice...

Oriental Medicine for Healing the Macula Lutea

The full name of the macula is macula lutea.

It is Latin for yellow spot.

The macula actually contains yellow plant pigments specifically concentrated by the body to help maintain the health and function of your central vision.

Nature is very intelligent that way.

And for 5,000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine has been observing the patterns of nature and healing with herbs and other natural remedies and environmental stimuli.

In Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia, my co-author was Dr. Marc Grossman, who is both a Doctor of Optometry and a Licensed Acupuncturist.

In the book, he covers both remedies and exercises from TCM that can help you keep your macula lutea healthy.

Though the book is now out of print, there are 12,000 copies in the inter-library loan system, so one way or another, you can still access this useful tool.

Learn more about Natural Eye Care

Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia
Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia

You can still find a second hand copy of this excellent out-of-print book!


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