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After dental braces and wisdom teeth extraction

Updated on September 30, 2010

Braces and wisdom teeth

Fear of dentists is something that is instilled in our minds since childhood. I remember my mom telling me that if i don't brush properly, she would take me to a dentist who would use a drill to clean up my teeth while i howl in pain. Anyway, inspite of brushing twice and buying all those oh-so-wonderful toothpastes shown in the ads, i did occasionally end up with tooth problems.

Initially, i was very scared of the dentist's chair. However, as i grew up, i starting liking it. In fact, i used to feel quite proud getting my teeth cleaned and polished. I felt quite healthy after that. Couple of years back, my dentist brain washed me into getting braces. He said that if i don't get my teeth straightened and aligned, i would get cavities. So, i followed his advice and then, things changed !

The period when i wore braces wasn't really bad, except for the first visit where he removed couple of good teeth in order to give space for the other teeth to move. I had an orthodontic toothbrush and i was able to eat almost anything i wanted. Had regular visits where he tightened the wires and it hurt for 2-3 days every month. Anyway, after having them for more than 2 years,  I recently got them removed and guess what, i have 2 cavities that need root canal. So, basically, his argument that braces would straighten my teeth and prevent cavities was all wrong. My orthodontist put the blame on me and said it was because i didn't floss when i had braces ! I was also asked to wear retainers full time for 6 months and later only at night for as much time as i want my teeth to be aligned, which basically is for a lifetime !

I thought i heard it all, but  he was not done. He told me that my wisdom teeth has no place to erupt and when it does, I may end up with more cavities. So, better to get them removed. I had told him during my first visit that my wisdom teeth hadn't erupted although i am way beyond my teens, and he didn't seem to bother much. Now, he insisted that i have them removed, saying that all the work by the braces would be undone if i don't listen to him.

I was terrified. Having heard so many horror stories, i had no intention of removing my non-existent wisdom teeth. My dentist said it's not non-existent, it's just hidden under my gum. So, we need to cut the gums and get it removed. No big deal. He said only lower ones need to be removed and that too, one at a time, one month apart.

The wisdom teeth removal took 2 hrs (my dentist did it, not an oral surgeon. I didn't feel much pain but had to keep my mouth open for all the time) and he also took half an hour to sew it up. The first day after that was fine. I only ate icecreams, had ice pads all the time and used many pain killers.

The next day onwards , i looked like a chipmunk and couldn't open my mouth and it hurt like hell. I ate only soup and ice-creams for 4 days. Then, soft foods. My dentist told me i could eat anything, but then i couldn't open my mouth to eat anything except rice or soft bread. Finally , after one week, i was able to have normal food. I was told that my surgery took a long time and so, my recovery would also take time. Finally , after one whole month, i was able to open my mouth completely. He then asked me when i am coming back for the other teeth. I said i am never, ever coming back. Let me retain some 'wisdom'.. Literally !

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    • profile image

      Ajay Kumar 5 years ago

      Yeah ! Its pains like hell, I removed my wisdom teeth today for my braces.. And have to get 2 more removed 2 days later. Hope getting my braces on doesn't pain..

    • swapna123 profile image

      swapna123 7 years ago from India

      Ouch cyst is bad ! I just had a root canal done on a tooth couple of days back and it still hurts a little .. got to have another one done tomorrow.. and i am so scared !

    • lilypjmom2122 profile image

      lilypjmom2122 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I remember that chipmunk feeling when i had my wisdom teeth removed. in the process they found I had a cyst and they had to cut a whole through my sinus to remove it. Pain lasted weeks for me.