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Vitamin B Rich Foods

Updated on September 16, 2012

Do you get enough Vitamin B?

The B Vitamins are vital to human health. Luckily for us most people can get all the B Vitamins they need by eating the right foods. Here you will find how to get those B Vitamins into your daily diet. Vegetarians and Vegans need to take especial care to make sure they are getting an adequate amount of these essential nutrients since many B rich foods are meats.

Vitamins - B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12
Vitamins - B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12

There are many B Vitamins.

Whats with all those numbers?

There are quite a few Vitamins in the B Vitamin family. Some of these go by a second name as well. There were once more B vitamins, but scientists have found that those were able to be produced by the human body, and as such cannot be considered a Vitamin. This accounts for the irregularity of the B Vitamins numbering.

Here are the B Vitamins and the name by which they are also known:

  • B1 - thiamine

  • B2 - riboflavin

  • B3 - niacin

  • B5 - pantothenic acid

  • B6 - pyridoxine

  • B7 - biotin

  • B9 - folic acid

  • B12 - cyanocobalamin

The best foods for B Vitamins.

One of the best sources for several of the B Vitamins is liver. Personally I can't stand to eat liver, but if you like liver than you're in luck. I will be getting my B Vitamins from these other sources.

  • Turkey
  • Tuna
  • unprocessed whole grains
  • potatoes
  • bananas
  • lentil beans
  • Nutritional and Brewer's Yeasts

Marmite is the Vegetarian and Vegan's "B"est Friend!

Food vs. Supplement

For the most part it is easy to get all the B Vitamins you need from the food you eat, but there are some who need to or chose to supplement. While supplementation is good for those who have a medical condition, eg. MTHFR, or women who are planning to become or are currently pregnant, there still is so much that science cannot yet bottle up. A good example of this in the realm of the B Vitamins is that of the lowering of the Pancreatic Cancer risks for those who get enough B Vitamins from food -- supplementation is not effective in lowering this risk.

How do you get the majority of your B Vitamins?

I supplement.

I supplement.

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    I get my Bs from food.

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      Do you get your B Vitamins through food? - Tell us what you think.

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        • sponias lm profile image

          sponias lm 6 years ago

          Iâm vegetarian, so I get B vitamins by eating many potatoes, lentil beans, and bananas.