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Vitamineral Green Powder - One Amazing Supergreen!

Updated on November 25, 2013

Consider the greens that surround us. Packed with nutrition, yet I don't get enough of them...

I've been a devoted and loyal user of Vitamineral Greens by HealthForce Nutritionals for probably 5 years (maybe even longer) now. I was prompted to write about these "super greens" for a couple of reasons. First of all, John and I pride ourselves on eating a healthy diet (for the most part!), and yet try as I might, during the day I KNOW I just don't always get enough raw veggies.

But, I feel a little better about myself when I drink a glass of water with the Vitamineral Greens mixed in. And, I'm not just talking about a placebo effect either - this stuff is JAM PACKED with good greens.

This means that there is NOT any filler stuff... There are NO sweeteners. All you're getting is greens. I have experimented with a number of other greens - stuff with stevia in it, and just cannot stand them. When I open my jar of Vitamineral Greens, I swear that it reminds me of the beautiful smell of fresh cut grass. I LOVE that smell!

So, ONE reason I love this product is the sheer quality of ingredients. I'm not going to spell out all the ingredients here - you can see that for yourself in the listing for the product. But, I can tell you that there is just NOTHING bad in them! There are NO grains, NO flax or fruits... nothing to "dilute" the greens. NO sweeteners.

Just drink the stuff... You'll get used to not having "sweet greens!" :)

The SECOND reason I needed to write about it here is PRICE. Yesterday, I happened to be a natural food store and was psyched to see Vitamineral Greens on the shelf... Until I saw the price. Unbelievable! They were charging $78 for one jar! But, on Amazon, I regularly purchase it for about $15 less per bottle, and that includes shipping. Now, as much as I love to support local business, I have an undeniably protective attitude towards my own wallet.

And, I buy enough of it that it makes a difference. So, sorry local-health-food-store... This is one item I just HAVE to order online.

This is NOT a supplement! Folks, this is a raw food. It just happens to be dried and powdered. The greens are dried at a low temperature, so that the enzymes are preserved. So, that's ANOTHER good reason to drink them!

Now, I suppose I should add one more thing about why I love this product, other than the fact that it's good for me.

I love the integrity of Dr. Jameth Sheridan (Doctor of Holistic Medicine), the owner of HealthForce, who refuses to compromise his values and ethics for commercial purposes. Sure, he runs a company, and it's important that a company make money; however, once you read about him and his products, I'd be willing to bet that you would agree with me that this is one first-class operation. And it makes first-class products.

Vitamineral Greens just happens to be one of my favorites. :) Hopefully you'll be willing to try it yourself.

(Oh, one more thing: After you drink your greens, you might want to swish your mouth or look in the mirror to make sure you don't have any greens stuck between your teeth... You know, right before a meeting or a date... well, you know...) :)

In this video featuring Dr. Jameth Sheridan (D.H.M.), you will get a little introduction to Vitamineral Greens, and what's in the mix. Dr. Sheridan also explains what is NOT in them, and why.

It's a short video, but you'll get an introduction to Vitamineral Greens, and to Dr. Jameth Sheridan.

My jar of Vitamineral Greens
My jar of Vitamineral Greens

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I still think food is best. But it is an interesting product.

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      It's hard to get in the recommended amount of dark leafy green vegetables - so I can appreciate the need to supplement. Thank you for such a passionate review.