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SI joint & Voltaren Gel

Updated on October 22, 2014

SIJoint - ouch!

My main pain issue has always been my spine and until the last few weeks, I had absolutely no clue as to why despite going to doctors, but none of them gave the clue to my issue until my latest spinal doctor. He pressed on my lower back my Sijoint was very, very sore when he pressed on it, and he remarked that it could be part of all of my issues with pain.

SI Joint & Pain



I am scheduled for an MRI soon, and then we'll go from there, but I feel that he is absolutely right.

I have injured my back so many times falling on my face with my braces and crutches as a child and especially as I became older when they moved me to my “candy canes” as I called them usually you see an older person using just one but lucky me; I had two.

It wrecked my gait, and I have no doubt it caused a lot of my spinal issues due to the lack of control I had even though most of the time my balance wasn't terrible if standing still it was the walking part that I had issues with.

Do you suspect your SI Joint is causing your back pain?

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Back Issues

While reading about people who have SI Joint issues it said people who have a “sway” back are more likely to have issues with their lower back, which isn't news to me, however, remembering falling and how it arched my back because I'm somewhat double jointed in certain joints it could have caused trauma.

Finally a doctor looked beyond my Cerebral palsy and could have found my true problem. I can't count how many doctors I've been too over the years who have dismissed me and have actually said if you start to lose feeling in your legs, then contact me.



Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

Once you understand that your "SI joint pain" is most likely due to tight muscles inappropriately pulling on your joints.

You will need to release the tight tissue to get rid of your pain. This theory works for most people.

I was very angry and frustrated with doctors, especially surgeons, because unless they can operate they don't want or care to find the root of the problem.

As I rolled into each doctor's office, I could almost see the dismay on their face when I said I had Cerebral palsy, most people just assume I have paralysis from an accident.

Most doctors have very limited information about Cerebral palsy and adults. They know a few basics like spastic medicine and other medicine that might help control pain but like most people, I cannot tolerate most medicine, and I truly wanted a fix not just a band-aide.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief Step 1

One More Doc Visit

I've been searching for help for a decade and let's just say I gave up and stopped going to doctors and therapy and just took anti-inflammatory medicine.

Unfortunately, my pain kept getting worse each year, and I had finally decided to go to one more doctor and see what they say from the urging of my devoted husband who sees how much pain I am in on a daily basis.

I use a wheelchair 24/7 but I am very independent. I can stand and move around holding on to things for a very short time but for the sake of mobility and leading a very active lifestyle, I use my wheelchair, so I'm guessing that it doesn't help the situation I have with the SI Joint.

Voltaren Gel



Voltaren Gel has been my life saver as I deal with the constant pain I am having. I have been having stomach issues due to too much Bayer Back & Body Extra Strength medicine and wanted something topical.

It's probably the best topical Anti- Inflammatory drug on the market today. Ask your doctor today if it's right for you especially if you are having issues with your current treatment plan.

Top 3 Exercises for SI Joint Pain

The Possible Problem

The sacrum is located at the base of your spine. It is made up of 5 vertebrae, or backbones, that are fused together.

The iliac bones are the two large bones that makeup your pelvis. The sacrum sits in the middle of the iliac bones.

The main purpose of the joint is to connect the spine and the pelvis. As a result, there is very little movement at the sacroiliac joint.

Listed below are the major reasons for pain around the sacroiliac joint:

  • Muscle tightness
  • Pregnancy: the pelvis widens to prepare for birth, stretching the ligaments -- strong, flexible tissue that connects bone to bone
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis (Type of Arthritis) Mostly effects Men
  • Difference in leg lengths
  • Wearing away of the cartilage (cushion) between the bones
  • Trauma from impact, such as landing hard on buttocks

Although, SIJ pain can be caused by trauma, this type of injury more often develops over a long period of time.

Those that I made bold are the causes that could have triggered my SI Joint Dysfunction.

To Treat Chronic Pain

I'm a huge fan of the MELT METHOD, if you haven't heard of it I suggest that you go and find the you tube videos and buy her book. She uses the foam rollers to manage chronic pain

Foam Roll Away Back Pain

Yoga to Reduce Low Back Pain


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