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Independence vs. privacy

Updated on October 10, 2016
The fought for us to have freedom and safety.
The fought for us to have freedom and safety. | Source

Paying for in-home care for our elderly is a bit of an oxymoron. While we are paying salary or hourly wage money, assets may be taken from our family, by help friends or family members. As we see knowing the truth and safeguarding assets is an ongoing task.

First it is imperative that criminal backgrounds check when we are looking for a person (or agency) to employ for helping our elderly. Although the word employ is used we need to be watchful of anyone visiting or working with our elderly. A state background check is easily done with minimal charges. In most cases this background check is done through the State Patrol. The background check can easily be done on-line. While an agency can be reviewed by checking their licensure, licensure does not oversee all new hires. And there is no reason we cannot see the background checks on their employees.

When interviewing a person and asking for permission to do (always ask) a background check, if a person gives reason that it will do no good. Not wanting this is a large flag. If the interviewee states they have just moved here from another state (even when living in a military town). The first thing to do is asked what state they have moved from and run a check in that state. Always ask for the previous state of residence. As the interviewee is leaving try to look at the vehicle license, this is another flag, when licensure seems to be from the state you are living in.

Friends are no less tempted to take assets than are strangers. After all they are a Being a friend, and as such the elderly will standup for them. Or the new handyman for the residence may be scoping the house to spot valuables or the checkbook. Later it will be noticed that up to five checks in the middle of the current book.

Next be wary of the businesses asking for access to place cameras within the living space. We only need to turn on the evening news to hear about someone placing cameras in areas of public access and then using them for a variety of reasons, including putting on the Internet, blackmail, or for reasons of theft. This activity can and often does scare seniors into a more singular life. Suddenly seniors will not be going out, not allowing others in and so many more.

Today it is very unfortunate that our elderly are targets for enterprising people trying to ‘make a fast buck’. These are a few of the reasons that we need to be on top of all going into and leaving the home. One of the best ways I have found without taking away the privacy of our elderly is the use of a guestbook. This book is a great way to keep in touch with those going in and to be able to express ‘thanks’ for them taking time to visit.

The most important thing we can do is acknowledge their independence and to safeguard their privacy. They are proud people, having brought this country through at least one war (very possibly more), driven our steel revolution and taken up the plight of the ‘low person on the pole’. We are the ones invaluable in safeguarding our seniors. We know how to safeguard their trust.

Now is the time for us to give back and protect them.
Now is the time for us to give back and protect them. | Source


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