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Walking-A Simple Way To Lose Weight

Updated on February 2, 2016

Walking is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get healthier and active. A small walk around the garden keeps a check on your weight as well as your heart.

Regardless of their age or gender, anybody can have a stroll along the street, in a park or pavement. Type 2 diabetes, stroke, asthma, heart diseases and certain types of cancers, all can be kept at bay with a few minutes of walk every day.

What you'll need?

Before you start your regular walking regime, you will require a good pair of shoes. Shoes that are comfortable, provide support and do not cause any kind of uneasiness are apt for walks and otherwise too.

Wear loose fitting clothes rather than those that are too tight. A pair of pajamas and T-shirt will be the best choice. If you do not like wearing western clothes, you can wear a salwar kameez or a kurti along with leggings that allow free movement. As far as the men are concerned, they can wear a T-shirt and shorts/three fourth.

Carry a bottle of drinking water, a small napkin, hat/cap/stroll and some healthy snacks such as digestive biscuits. If you are a beginner or get easily exhausted, you may even add some glucose powder in your water bottle to prevent dehydration. Also, carry a few lemon and orange candies along with you.

How often do you go for walks?

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The Basics

To start off, don't go too fast neither too slow. Maintain a moderate pace. The speed should be good enough to make you sweat and increase your heart rate. But, NOT TO OVERDO IT!

As you become used to it, gradually increase your speed and time. During the first few days, say about a week, walk for 15 minutes, then keep on increasing as you start getting good with it.

By each passing day, try being a little faster. While ending your session, slow down a bit to calm yourself and bring down the pulse rate. Practice some stretches after every walk to develop flexibility. Remember, each and every step counts. May it be to the grocery store, to your office or to the market, walk as much as possible. Avoid using lift, switch to the stairs.

Tip: Usually the best places to go for walks are public parks and beaches.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      "Regardless of their age or gender, anybody can have a stroll along the street" - Okay, but age CAN be a big factor in whether a person is even able to walk. Would you expect a 3 month old to walk on their own? Would you expect someone who' 110 to just get up and go for a stroll?

      Saying that 'anyone' can just get up and go walk is pretty ableist and ignores the thousand and one reasons why a person might not be able to walk - such as disabilities, mental health disorders, things like arthritis, etc.


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