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war against all causes of mouth odour

Updated on August 30, 2017

War against all causes of mouth odour

The causes of mouth odor ranges from poor oral hygiene to medical conditions .The social embarrassment it causes to sufferers are many.However, it is not a social death sentence because some of the treatment are readily available to those who are aware of their situation


social effects of mouth-odour
social effects of mouth-odour

War against all causes of mouth odour

Some of the social consequences of mouth odor

A saying goes that only a very close friend could perceive the odor of someone's mouth.However, it takes a closer person to be able to divulge the Information to the individual concerning the abnormal smell oozing out from their mouth . This is because revealing this information tactlessly could cause one to loose their hard-earned friend. The causes of mouth odor are legion and most of them range from medical condition to poor oral hygiene .Some of the medical causes include


This is a set of inflammatory diseases that affect the peridontium .It is usually characterized by yellowish or whitish deposit on the tongue


This is caused by blocked airways which could cause nasal secretions to drain into the mouth resulting into a change in the smell of the mouth.

Lung infections

This is another major cause of mouth odor . It causes thick sputum from the lungs to be released into the mouth resulting into bad breath.


Certain medications taken for certain sicknesses could result into dry-mouth which could be a side- effect resulting from such drugs.This dry mouth condition comes with a resultant bad breath

Chronic diseases

Diseases that restrict the function of the kidney and liver may also increase the odor out-put of the mouth. Other causes of bad breath include diabetes,acute bronchitis ,and abscessed tooth.

It would be difficult for any-one to tell others about the discouraging smell oozing out from their pout .However , there are salient actions that could suggest that someone's breath is nothing to write home about .Some of them include offering the person a chewing gum . People stepping back when the person is talking and people saying yes when they actually mean no probably to end the discussion abruptly. Apart from this ,having a bitter taste in the mouth and a yellowish coating on the tongue could also suggest mouth odor . Be it as it might , If a friend is bold enough to make a comment about a pals bad breath,that person should be commended .Bad breath causes a lot of social problems to a sufferer who is aware of it . It causes low self-esteem because the person would not be bold to discus intimately with strangers.

At-any -rate mouth-odor is not a social death sentence because it is easy to treat .The first step is to visit a doctor who would identify the underlying medical condition. Secondly improved oral hygiene would go a long way in reducing and improving the breath. Brushing the teeth at-least two times a day and use of mouthwash could also help-out. Flossing and brushing of the tongue regularly is necessary. Most importantly , one should not sleep without brushing their teeth after a heavy drinking binge,smoking or eating smelly foods like fish and garlic .


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war against all causes of mouth odour - Some of the social consequences of mouth odour

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