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Warning Signs of Danger

Updated on December 25, 2014

The Protection of Warnings in Dreams

All dream images are very important and give you an important message, especially the images you dislike.

Many times, dream warnings will show you that you are repeating a behavior you used to have when you were immature. You must evolve.

Other times, they will show you that many of your friends are in fact your enemies.

You won't be betrayed while ignoring who your enemies are. You will also have the chance to avoid their traps and do the opposite of what they expect from you.

Dream warnings will teach you how to always avoid what is bad, even without dreaming. You'll learn how to automatically translate the symbols contained in your daily life, the same way you'll immediately translate the meaning of all dreams.

Carl Jung discovered that the meaning of dreams is very important and works like psychotherapy. Dreams give us solutions and inspiration. Dreams protect us from hidden dangers, and predict the future. They help us develop our intelligence, and become real human beings.

I discovered that we are in fact under-developed primates that cannot understand the difference between what is good and what is bad. We are absurd, ridiculous, selfish, cruel, and idiotic.

We use only a tiny portion of our conscience in a positive way. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our primitive and wild conscience. The anti-conscience is a violent animal that wants to destroy our conscience and control our behavior.

The Unconscious Mind

All dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which is a superior mind that doesn't belong to the human being and possesses undoubtable wisdom. The unconscious mind has a divine origin that proves God's existence.

Thus, the divine unconscious mind helps us fight against the absurdity of our satanic anti-conscience. There is also a religious side in this scientific truth. Since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, this means that we are basically absurd demons who absolutely need the unconscious guidance in order to become true human beings.

I'm telling you everything I have learned

* after studying many scientific subjects,

* after continuing Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation,

* after precisely obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind,

* after fighting against schizophrenia without losing my mind,

* and after curing many people from various mental illnesses through dream therapy for two decades.

The scientific community doesn't respect my work because I didn't study in a university. However, I had to follow a different path in order to discover truths that today's scientists cannot see. If I would follow their route, I wouldn't discover anything. On the other hand, my discoveries eliminate the value of their work in many ways. The scientific recognition of my research and discoveries puts their reputation in danger.

Even Carl Jung, who was a recognized psychiatrist and psychologist, didn't receive the attention he deserved. Until today the world ignores that only Jung could discover the right method of dream interpretation. Selfishness and greed prevent humanity from learning proven truths.

Fortunately, my work can be understood by average people; not only by scientists.

You can learn the dream language like me and immediately understand the unconscious messages in all dreams, and in many signs of your daily life.

Or, you can send me your dreams for translation. I will immediately help you find salvation thanks to the information contained in your own dreams. You can simply verify by yourself that the scientific method of dream interpretation really helps you solve all problems.

Now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation, everyone can reap all the benefits provided by this superior knowledge.

All dream images are very important and give you an important message, especially the images you dislike. These images reflect your worst mistakes. You don't want to remember them because your ego cannot accept your absurdity.

You don't want to see how idiotic you are. However, you had better pay attention to what you do in your life.

Your dreams show you all the dangers you neglect.

Your anti-conscience takes advantage of your mistakes in order to destroy your conscience and imprison you into the labyrinth of craziness. This is the worst danger of your life.

Besides this fact, you live in a very dangerous environment where many hidden enemies are constantly threatening your peace of mind. You must pay attention to many details you completely ignore. You are not safe on Earth.

Even if you are protected in many ways, there are always various dangers you won't be able to escape. For example, you must be able to prevent diseases and mental illnesses that are impossible to be cured by today's medicine. Dream warnings represent salvation. Many warning signs of danger will give you regular protection in your own dreams and also in your daily life.

The Protection of Warnings in Your Daily Life

Protection from All Dangers

Many times, dream warnings will show you that you are repeating a behavior you used to have when you were immature. You must evolve. Other times, they will show you that many of your friends are in fact your enemies. You won't like this information, but it will help you prevent many unpleasant situations.

You won't be betrayed while ignoring who your enemies are. You will also have the chance to avoid their traps and do the opposite of what they expect from you.

Dream warnings will teach you how to always avoid what is bad, even without dreaming. You'll become more intelligent as you translate the meaning of your dreams and you follow the wise unconscious guidance. You'll learn how to automatically translate the symbols contained in your daily life, the same way you'll immediately translate the meaning of all dreams.

You'll be able to identify many dangers only by observing a few details in someone's behavior, or by paying attention to various details of your environment. These details are symbolic signs sent by the wise unconscious mind. The saintly unconscious mind protects you from all dangers all the time.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

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Christina Sponias

A spider in a dream must alarm you. It represents a danger that you are not seeing. It will bring you bad future consequences if you won't act fast.

In other words, there is something very important that you have to understand or to do without delay.

Warnings in dreams must be respected. They are objective information from a guaranteed source; the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious mind is our natural doctor and protector. We must pay attention to the dream warnings the same way we pay attention to all warnings in our daily lives.

A spider in a dream is always a very serious warning. The spider is a hidden enemy. Its web is an invisible trap in the air, which in time will kill the victims it imprisons.

This means that the spider represents very serious consequences in the future ahead if we won't act fast, (preventing the spider to spread its invisible trap in the air). The consequences of our negligence will cause us serious problems in the future, stretching over many years. It can therefore, be responsible for many years of constant suffering.

Popular dream interpretations and false methods of interpretations, have completely distorted the meaning of dreams. This is why most people don't believe dreams should be taken seriously.

Believing in the importance of dreams seems to be like believing in a superstition. However, the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, and my discoveries after continuing his research, prove to humanity that dreams are essential. Their messages must be respected because they save our lives.

Working like a natural doctor, the unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us warnings when our lives and our reputation are in danger. All deceptions can cause a mental illness because we have inherited an absurd content into the wild side of our conscience (the anti-conscience). The anti conscience uses our mistakes in order to generate mental illnesses within our human conscience. It wants to control our behavior instead of being tamed by our sensibility.

The anti-conscience has great energy which can also provoke sad situations, compelling us to make fatal mistakes. If we follow its absurd suggestions or if we fall into its sneaky traps, we'll lose control and do something terrible. Or, we will make many foolish mistakes as a result of other peoples' evilness.

The protection of warnings in dreams will prevent you from forgetting serious obligations or problems that could have tragic consequences. It will open your eyes when you won't pay attention to something very important for your social image.

It will also help you act wisely in dangerous situations that require great courage.

The unconscious mind protects your mental health and happiness through dream symbols like the spider, so that you may react and understand what you have to do. Instead of passively waiting for the sad situations that are awaiting you, you'll prevent what would be very bad for you and your life.

The unconscious mind will show you in your own dreams how you'll be able to overcome all difficulties. You'll prepare favorable situations for your future, while developing your own intelligence through dream translation.

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The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on Carl Jung's discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power. It is also based on the continuation of his research and on new scientific discoveries that happened after his death.

The psychoanalysis contained in the dream messages provides us with an analytical study of our behavior. We understand why we act the way we do. We understand the meaning of our actions.

For example, dreams about teeth falling out are alarming signs that indicate great danger. When you see teeth falling out in a dream this means that you are making serious mistakes that will ruin your life.

These mistakes also cause great damage to your mental health. Your teeth represent your psychical energy in dreams. When you lose a tooth, this means that you are losing psychical energy. This is very bad for you. You must stop making serious mistakes and save your mental stability.

How could I conclude that this is the meaning of dreams about teeth falling out? This is not my opinion but the result of research and discoveries.

In order to discover the meaning of the symbolism contained in the dream images Carl Jung had to make an arduous research. He gives us detailed explanations about where he discovered the meaning of many dream symbols. This is another reason why his books are very complicated. A common person has no patience to study so much in order to understand the meaning of each dream image.

I took two decades to simplify Jung's method of dream interpretation because it is very difficult and time consuming. I had to better understand the unconscious logic, and discover a lot more. Today the results of my arduous research, and the results of Carl Jung's arduous research, enlighten the world.

The translation of the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method is based on research, comparisons, and proofs.

You must be very serious when you analyze the meaning of dreams.

Dreams correct your mistakes in order to help you prevent mental illnesses and suffering.

The popular dream interpreters have completely distorted the meaning of dreams. Various psychologists with their different methods based on their opinions have also contributed for the underestimation of the importance of dreams.

However, Carl Jung's discoveries and cures, and my discoveries and cures, give you practical proof that you will surely find sound mental health and happiness in life. Take dream interpretation very seriously because it is real medicine. The unconscious mind sends you many warnings in dreams in order to save your mental stability.

After having a dream about teeth falling out you must urgently follow dream therapy, so that you may understand how to recuperate your energy. Now that I transformed Jung's method into an instant translation from images into words, the dream language became clear and simple.

You are going to recover your lost energy, and stop doing what works against you. Furthermore, after mastering the dream language you'll have a teacher and doctor giving you trustful information about everything in your dreams; the wise unconscious mind.

Teeth falling out
Teeth falling out

Warning Signs of Great Danger

Dreams where you see your teeth falling out are warning signs of great danger that you must not ignore.

Your teeth in dreams represent your power. If you see that they are falling out, this means that you are in fact losing your life.

You are losing your psychical energy, and becoming a slave of your absurd wild side that didn't evolve yet like the human side of your conscience.

Don't think that this is a superstition because the scientific method of dream interpretation is a very serious translation that accurately translates the wise unconscious messages contained in the dream images. The psychiatrist Carl Jung managed to discover how we must translate the dream language by understanding its symbolism.

Even though he gave light to the world, until today, his main discovery was not recognized by the scientific community, and this is why you still see everywhere many distortions of the meaning of dreams, all of which are based on suppositions. My work gives Carl Jung the recognition he deserves. In addition it gives you the possibility to immediately learn everything, because I simplified his complicated method.

If your teeth are falling out in a dream this means that you are making very serious mistakes that will bear a heavy cost since you are losing your psychical energy and all your power with what you are doing.

When I was in the beginning of my research, I met a girl who told me that she was constantly dreaming that her teeth were falling out.

After asking her about her life, and after translating more dreams for her, I saw that she was totally immoral, without understanding what she was doing. It was a shame, especially because she was very young.

She was in fact being manipulated by our cruel society, and at the same time, falling into the traps of her wild conscience.

I also interpreted the dreams of many older people, verifying that they were making serious mistakes like this young girl who was becoming a creature without any human dignity.

You don't need to be young to make serious moral mistakes in life, so it doesn't matter if you feel that you are mature. The dream warnings are protecting you, and showing you the truth that you cannot see by yourself, or the truth that you refuse to see, because you don't want to admit that you are wrong.

Be prudent when you see your teeth falling out in a dream. You will find your health and safety by writing down your dreams everyday, so that the unconscious mind can show you what you must do in your dreams.

If you do not heed the warnings of the unconscious, you will fall into the traps of your wild side, which is controlling your behavior, and at the same time, you will be a victim of other people's wickedness.

A snake in dreams represents a bad event that will put an end to one of the dreamer's mistakes.

The snake is medicine that cures through suffering.

The snake represents the divine punishment because the dreamer is insisting on making a serious mistake.

However, at the same time the snake is a protection.

Thanks to the bad event in the dreamer's life, the dreamer will stop repeating a serious mistake that could have tragic future consequences.

Crab in Dreams
Crab in Dreams

The Worst Nightmare

The Meaning of The Crab in Dreams

Dream warnings indicate that you are losing your mental health.

For example, the appearance of the crab in a dream is a true nightmare by itself, independently of the dream's context.

The crab is the worst dream symbol you can see in a dream. It shows you that you are in a very dangerous position because you cannot analyze your past traumas.

In other words, unbearable situations in your past life generated traumas that your conscience cannot accept.

You have to stop trying to find out what had happened at that time. You must be very strong in order to analyze this part of your life because you will discover many unpleasant truths.

You must be prepared in order to criticize your behavior and your life.

The crab indicates the existence of many obstacles for your comprehension. Follow dream therapy, and you'll surely find relief.

The unconscious mind will explain why you had this nightmare, and what you must do in order to overcome your traumas.

Most dreams are unpleasant or dangerous because you have inherited too much craziness in the biggest part of your brain and psyche. Your dreams protect you from suffering. You must avoid what is bad, and do only what is positive for you and your life.

However, your selfish ego doesn't accept criticism. This is why the unconscious mind uses the symbolic dream language to reveal your psychological problems.

I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy in case you need urgent help and support. Warning signs in dreams must be taken very seriously. They help you prevent mental illnesses and painful situations.

Today most people neglect the importance of what is harmful, pretending that nothing is really bad.

They prefer to think this way because they don't want to change their behavior. However, if you neglect what is bad, your attitude is foolish and dangerous.

You must stay far from all dangers, instead of falling into hidden traps.

Your dreams open your eyes, showing you dangers you cannot see.

The wise unconscious mind is your natural doctor. The nightmares it sends you are protective signs that must be respected. Even though they are very unpleasant, nightmares save your life. They prevent you from making costly mistakes that you won't be able to correct later.


When you see yourself flying in dreams as if you had the power to fly like a bird, this means that you are far from the objective reality.

You are imagining things that are not real, and living in a fantastic world.

This situation is very dangerous.

You have to understand what you are not seeing, why you are showing immature behavior, or what you have to do so that you'll be following reality as it is. Stop imagining what cannot become true without paying attention to all the dangers of life, and to the bad aspects of your reality.

Many people keep dreaming that they are flying, and they even like those dreams, because they enjoy having the power to fly. However the translation of the symbolism of flying in dreams reflects a very dangerous attitude that must be corrected without delay.

If you are far from the objective reality you will certainly suffer very much.

At a certain point, you'll realize that what you were imagining cannot be real, especially if this recognition will happen due to a tragic situation in your life, which will make you suddenly wake up and finally see the truth.

For example, you could be imagining that everything will be very easy for you in life because you are well protected and you have the indispensable skills to succeed.

However you never know what could happen to you if all the facilities you have at your disposal today would suddenly disappear.

If your balance depends on external factors, this means that you'll lose control when things are not the way they usually are, or when you realize that they aren't as they should be.

When you see yourself flying in the air in your dreams, pay attention to what you are doing in life. This is a serious warning. It means that you don't know how reality really is, since you are far from it. As a consequence, you are making many mistakes, making many wrong conclusions, and making plans that can only lead you to failure and suffering.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a psychotherapist. You should follow the guidance you receive in the dream messages, so that you may be able to transform your personality, becoming mature, and always more intelligent.

Take notes of your dreams everyday, and learn how to translate their meaning according to the scientific method.

You'll have a direct communication with your natural doctor; the wise unconscious mind. The unconscious mind will answer all your questions in dreams.

Many times you'll have many answers for the same question because the unconscious mind shows you all the aspects of the external reality, explaining how things could be in the future depending on your actions.

Dream predictions will help you avoid mistakes and prevent accidents.

You can correct the future development of reality if you correct your behavior, as you'll realize after putting into practice the guidance of the unconscious mind.

You'll verify that you are always protected, even when the external reality is totally against your will.

Do you believe in dream warnings?

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      cmadden 4 years ago

      I honestly don't know about dream warnings, but while in school, I would sometimes go to bed frustrated by a homework problem - and work it out in a dream, waking up with the solution.