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Amazing Water Therapy for Healthy Living

Updated on February 12, 2013

Amazing Results of Water Therapy

Anyone encountering health issues, should insure weather health issues are caused by deficiency of water in our body before looking for other alternatives. Drinking enough water for few days will provide enough supporting evidences in case our body is actually facing serious shortage of water.

Drinking enough water each day can bring amazing results for our health & wellness. We are today neglecting basic requirements of our body and trying to compensate with other things that are only required and good when we are able to full-fill basic requirements of our body.

Water is a nutrition, a vital supplement to maintain body functions, still water is neglected, we have under-estimated the health benefits of drinking and using water. A number of our health problems are there because our body is struggling for water to carry its basic functions.

Water is the second most important requirement of living being after air. Water therapy that we'll discuss here isn't actually a therapy but an idea for thoughtful and purposeful use of water in our everyday life and discover amazing health benefits from it ourself.

Today we try to retain and maintain health by consuming multi-vitamin and multi-mineral tablets along with a number of products available in the market. We use these products because scientific researches have shown that our basic food isn't able to provide all the nutrition in optimum quantity that are required by our body to stay healthy.

Marketing firms with the help of Medical science and scientific discoveries sell these products and we use them because there is a lot of media hype about them.

In the season of consumerism, modern health and modern discoveries, we have forgotten to use what is already available to us. Actually we are not only unable to use nature's free gift, we are misusing it. This is simply an insult to nature and we are paying the price.

Today most of the health problems that we face whether major or minor are somewhere related to our modern attitude. Whether its pollution or life-style, its all created by us.

Water Therapy that we discuss here is free. You have to pay for it with your dedication & use, to discover yourself whether its suitable to call it a therapy or not.

Complete Water Therapy - Specific Water Therapies for Hundreds of Common Ailments

This is not just a book on water therapy but a complete solution to many common everyday problems, which can be solved with judicious use of water. If you are someone who is interested in natural health then The Complete Book on Water Therapy is a book you will love to have.

The Complete Book of Water Therapy
The Complete Book of Water Therapy

'The Complete Book on Water Therapycontains both traditional as well as modern scientific types of water treatment. Cover isn't much revealing but contents are.

You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty
You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty

Importance of Water in Human Body

Relationship between Water & Natural Health

I don't think importance of water in our life needs any introduction. Our body can't survive without water even for a week. Surface of our planet earth is 70% water (which supports life on this planet) and approx. 80% of our body consists of water. Some major roles of water in our body are:

1. Water plays vital role in delivering nutrition & oxygen to different parts of our body.

2. Water helps in detoxifying body, it removes wastes and toxins from our body.

3. Water helps in digestion.

4. Water helps in maintaining a healthy temperature in the body.

5. Water also acts as a lubricant for different parts of our body.

6. Water is important for normal functioning of our cells and tissues.

That is why Dr. F. Batmanghelidj said in a website on Water Therapy Water Cure

"You're not sick; you're thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication."

Books On Water Therapy - More books on Water Therapy

If you are interested in any type of water therapy and are looking for more information then, here is the list of books available at amazon. Try water on your own for some time, as per your own convenience, you will yourself discover benefits of this Amazing Water Therapy.

The Complete Book of Water Therapy
The Complete Book of Water Therapy

Good book on water therapy and all forms of hydrotherapy.

The Complete Book of Water Healing
The Complete Book of Water Healing

Step-by-step information on treating with water.

Water Cures: Drugs Kill : How Water Cured Incurable Diseases
Water Cures: Drugs Kill : How Water Cured Incurable Diseases

The information in this book will awaken people to the pharmaceutical fraud and terrorism that are foundation to all that is wrong in our current health-care system.


Benefits of Water Therapy - Drinking Water to Lose Weight

There are many benefits of Water Therapy, one of them is said to be help in weight control. People often use water therapy to lose weight. Discover Benefits of Water Therapy in this Video.

Water Therapy Exercises - For people dealing with chronic pain

This video is on another benefit of water therapy i.e. using water therapy for problems related to back. This method of water therapy is best for people who love swimming or water sports. Watch this Video on Water Therapy for back problems.

Health Care with Water Therapy - Stuff suitable for Water Therapy at Home

Water therapy is one of the approach to natural cures for disease and one of the easiest and most convenient approach.

Water Therapy : Ayurvedic Approach

Using Water to Improve Health

Water Therapy is an alternative health technique from Ayurveda. Water Therapy that we discuss here won't need any special or expert application of water for health benefits. It is simple use of water to improve health.

Using water for improving health and wellness is looked with doubt today. Its simple approach to health doesn't seems to stand in front of new medicines and approaches to health from latest researches in medical science. In spite of this water therapy and its benefits to health are in fact a fact.

Ayurvedic water therapy isn't a lengthy discussion which can be difficult to understand or cumbersome to implement. There are just few steps which one has to understand and follow as per his convenience and nature of his body and adopt it in his everyday life. Water Therapy will start showing its positive effects with time.

Learn more about Ayurveda and Tridosha Theory to understand basics of Ayurvedic theory for health and wellness and its basics which is also applicable to natural water therapy.

Cold Water Therapy - Cold water bathing - Hydrotherapy

This is a video showing Cold Water Therapy or Ishaan Therapy. Watch this and see if it fits your taste and requirements as there is no standard method which can be applied to everyone.

Discover the Power of Water Therapy

Discover the Power of Water Therapy
Discover the Power of Water Therapy

Water Therapy & Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D

Advocate of the natural healing power of water

Dr. F. Batmaghelidj wrote his first self-help book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" in 1992, in which he stated that a dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of dehydration. The body signals its water shortage by producing pain. Dehydration actually produces pain and many degenerative diseases, including asthma, arthritis, hypertension, angina, adult-onset diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis. Dr. B's message to the world is, "You are not sick, you are thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication."

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj devoted the last 20 years of his life promoting public awareness of the healing powers of water. He appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and lectured around the world. He has left a body of valuable works of six books and more than a dozen educational audio and video seminars. His work has created an international community that has embraced the natural healing of the water cure. His ground-breaking book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" has been translated into 15 languages and continues to inspire readers all over the world.

His book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" is also available on Amazon which is also listed under "Books On Water Therapy" in this lens, is a must read for anyone, who still don't feel how important water is for proper functioning of our body system and what can happen if it is short supply for our body organ (something which is happening almost everywhere today), they can get some food for thoughts from this book, we search for cures but neglect the simple natural solutions at home.

Ayurvedic Drinking Water Therapy

Simple Steps to Benefit from Drinking Water At Home Everyday

Water is important not only to our body and health but its also plays an important role in everyday life. If we can't get enough water either for drinking or for daily use in a day, we can assume what that day will mean to us.

Although we use water everyday and still here in this article on Water Therapy it is said that our body isn't getting enough water for working efficiently and naturally. The reason is we aren't using/drinking water the way we should be drinking.

Ayurveda is the traditional Indian Health System, which is based on natural laws of health and wellness. In Ayurveda Drinking Water Therapy is said to cure and prevent a number of body malfunctioning called disease/health problem. Here are some simple looking but highly effective steps of Drinking Water Therapy. Don't take these steps lightly because they are free and look too simple. Follow these basic steps of drinking water therapy according to your own convenience and body condition.

Note:Please don't force anything too hard on yourself or your body, take time to gradually improve it.

1. Drink approx. 1.25 liter water every day when you get up in morning, before brushing teeth or doing anything else. Drink as much as you can. Initially it may trouble you a bit as frequent urination can take place or some other feelings may come. These are temporary and last only a few days. Don't drink or eat anything for next 45 or 60 minutes.

2. Drink plenty of water approximately 60 minutes before your meals. This will clean your body system and improve digestion and appetite.

3. Don't drink water during meals or immediately after the meals, wait for at least 1/2 hours. If you can't stop yourself from drinking water during or immediately after the meals then reduce quantity to minimum. This will help in digestion and it will also prevent any gastro-intestinal related health problems.

4. Take your meals at least 1 or 2 hours before going to bed. This will also allow your body to digest food efficiently. Our body's digestion system works better when we are awake, then during the sleep. Sleeping immediately after taking meals isn't good for health and wellness.

That's all about Jal-Chikitsa or Drinking Water Therapy, aren't these simple steps, follow them and discover the benefits and improvement in your health.

Benefits of Water Therapy

A glimpse of role of water in our body.

Water therapy is a natural therapy to improve the functioning of our body by providing it what it longs for. There are numerous benefits of water therapy that have been reported and published.

How much benefits one can expect depends on present condition and health status of our body. We cannot expect to get benefit in a health problem that we are not suffering from. It all depends on how much we've deprived our body. Some of the health benefits of water therapy are also listed in a post on water therapy under heading 'Health Benefits of Drinking Water'.

We should adopt water therapy in our day to day life not because of a few listed benefits but because there are many other hidden benefits which aren't listed and vary from person to person. We should also not forget that it's a free and natural way to retain health and wellness.

Drink Water to Retain Health

Drink water instead of other drinks to retain and maintain health.

Drinking water is better than drinking any other drinks like tea, coffee, cold drink, energy drinks etc. We drink other drinks instead of water because they cost more money and are therefore are more privileged. If someone offers us water (instead of other drinks) then the offer won't make a sense to us.

Every drink has something to contribute to our body and we can even bring some benefits to our body from them. This can only be true when we are able to provide our body with enough water for its use. If we keep our body starved of water and supply it with other so called useful healthy drinks then it won't be as effective as drinking water, that is commonly available at our homes.

Healthy drinks (that are commonly available at markets) can provide more benefits to our body if it is getting all basic things in sufficient quantity like air, water and nutritious natural food. Today when marketers have access to our private life in the form of television, radio, internet, newspapers, books and magazines they are easily able to influence many things in our busy life. They can recommend food and drinks for people with certain symptoms without pointing to common things that can also be responsible for such symptoms like insufficient quantity of water in our body or lack of sleep. They will only tell things that helps them to make more sales. Water therapy or drinking water for health is also one such common cause of concern as pointed by Dr. Dr. F. Batmaghelidj.

We tell our children to drink milk, tonics for health but we are reluctant to provide them water without there asking. This is also the case with our own self. We only drink water when there is either no alternative or we have a strong desire for water.

If we take water seriously then we can maintain and retain health more easily without taking any harmful prescription frequently. We must be able to fulfill natural requirement of water in our body system.

Ignoring Water Therapy is...

Ignoring Life!!!!!!!!!

A Natural Gift of Nature.

Amazing Water Therapy

Amazing results of Water Therapy.

It's not a hype that water therapy can provide amazing results to a number of people. There are people who call Water Therapy as a hype, explanation they provide for this assumption is based on the fact that 'our body is capable of extracting water from our diet' like fruits, vegetables, cooked food etc.

It is true that our body is able to extract water from our regular diets but today our diet is no more a natural diet, today our diet doesn't contain enough water which can be extracted by our body. Our drinks are not balanced to provide enough water to our body.

Our modern lifestyle is actually responsible for this scarcity of water in our body, and water therapy can help us to restore water in our body and help it to function normally and thus we'll see amazing results of water therapy.

It may look ludicrous that how normal functioning of our body with water therapy can bring amazing results. Well! May be we are not aware that a minute problem with functioning of body or body organ can create a big health problem. All serious or moderate health problems are a result of abnormal body function and if all body functions can be normalized then we can see an unexpected recovery of health immediately or in due course.

Those for whom lack of water is the reason for abnormal body function will definitely discover amazing results from water therapy i.e. Amazing Water Therapy.

When You Take Water, Give Water - UNICEF Tap Water Project

Today most people who have access to tap water do not drink it, they think its not safe. A huge population on this planet do not have access to clean tap water.

In alignment with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, UNICEF is working with its partners to reduce the number of people without access to safe water and basic sanitation by 50% by 2015, which will also save children at risk from waterborne illnesses, the second highest cause of preventable childhood deaths.

More information about the project and donations can be had from UNICEF Tap Water Project

Did you like Water Therapy? - What can be the best use of water for health.

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    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 4 years ago

      This made me feel even more love for water. I'm on water therapy ever since and I'm not getting off it anytime soon. Very much enjoyed the videos! Fantastic article! Sundae ;-)

    • matthewcirino1 profile image

      matthewcirino1 4 years ago

      Love this article, many people overlook the importance of water in our lives, great tips!

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      Nice lens you got here.

      Just going through the top lenses. I like it.

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      very informative lens on water therapy. new subject for me. book marked for my future ref.

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      spiritualll 6 years ago

      Nice Work!

      I have personally undergone dream therapy and learned to fight my anti-conscience.

      Good lens.

    • profile image

      kristyngansen 6 years ago

      There are so many wonderful ideas on this lens. About two years ago, I began drinking two large cups of water when I wake up in the morning. I can definitely feel the difference, and it makes me feel wonderful.

    • HealthBug LM profile image

      HealthBug LM 7 years ago

      [in reply to RinchenChodron] Thanks, I hope you enjoyed reading this lens.

    • HealthBug LM profile image

      HealthBug LM 7 years ago

      [in reply to MiaBellezza] Thanks, one should start with a comfortable quantity of water and then increase the quantity slowly. I hope it will work for you and you'll discover some benefits.

    • Bellezza-Decor profile image

      Bellezza-Decor 7 years ago from Canada

      I'm going to try to drink more water - will refer back to your lens. "drink 1.25 liter water every day when you get up in morning" - that sounds like an awful lot first thing in the morning though - LOL 5*!

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 9 years ago

      Nice lens. I'll be going to a retreat in the fall called the Healing Waters of Yesha Walmo - should be good. I look forward to your updates over time.

    • sisterra profile image

      sisterra 9 years ago

      Excellent lens. Please check out my main lens. It is all about all natural skin and hair care using essential and plant oils.