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how to escape depression

Updated on October 23, 2013

I want to share with you something that I learned from a book I have read.The book contains health information.One part of the book details the way out of depression and I would like to write what I have learned from it.Some ideas also came from health shows on TV which discussed depression.

what is depression?

-Is a natural feeling which a person feels dejection.For example,after a death of a love one or breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend.It only lasts for days.But there is a kind of depression that is morbid and need psychological attention.This kind of depression is long-term with unhealthy excessive sadness,inability to concentrate,loss of motivation and a sense of failure.Other symptoms are eating too much or less in appetite,always sleeping or vigilant and very much afraid.

photo under creative commons share-alike 2.0 generic
photo under creative commons share-alike 2.0 generic | Source

how to escape depression?

Accept that depression really happens to us.It is a reality that everyone should overcome.Accept yourself what you are presently.Do not waste your time wishing you had the old vigor and enthusiasm,but rather try to understand the causes and find a way how to tackle positively such certain depression.Always bare in mind that there is always a solution in every problem.

Welcome depression as a benefit to make you invulnerable and a good tackler.You experienced it not to make you dispirited but it is there to train you how to handle it properly if another such will come.

Stop examining about yourself.Although you need to recognize your feelings and causes of your depression,it's not good to just dwell on them.Stop your isolation,go outside in a meaningful and hopeful spirit.Learn to see the beauties of nature.Exercise your body,smell the fresh air and expose yourself under the sun for a short time-these can help you lift your spirit.

Mingle with your friends and relatives.No man is an island.We all need people to be with us.They are the great help in our day-to-day living and recovery.They are here to encourage us to live in a hopeful life.

Be productive.For example,put up a business-this thing can surely help you to forget your depression and realize that you can be again what you were before in a realistic way and that depression is just a solvable falsely formidable affliction.

We all have purposes in life.Have a purpose.This can really help you to motivate yourself in moving on with your life.You have to find out what is that special mission uniquely designed by God for you so that after all,you will become somebody that is strong,remunerative and beneficial.


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