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Ways To Preserve Precious Health

Updated on March 22, 2016

Cure for Ulcer

  • It can occur anywhere in the body like mouth, stomach, intestines etc. The word ulcer is often used to refer intestinal wounds or abscesses. It is a fatal disease but with proper diet ulcer can be cured within two weeks.

  • Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, citrus and warm substances, spices that cause a burning sensation give rise to an ulcer. Apart from this, acidic foods, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, anger, work pressure, stress etc. also cause an ulcer.

  • Peptic ulcer causes infection in the stomach. Gradually it starts affecting the tissues as well. As a result, the formation of digestive juices begins to fade slowly. At times, it turns into a boil in the stomach. The patient always tends to experience a burning sensation in his/her stomach along with sour belches. These symptoms are further accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and headache.

  • Bile increases frequently which gives rise to the distaste of food and constipation. If the disease worsens, one may even notice bleeding in his/her stool. The burning sensation in stomach rises and leads to irritation of chest. One may start feeling weakness and loose interest in day to day activities. The patient becomes irritable and angry at petty little things. If not treated on time, an ulcer can form major cysts in the body.

An ulcer is of many types-Peptic ulcer and Gastric ulcer.

  • When digestive acids damage the walls of the stomach, such ulcers are formed. The intensity of these acids is so high that they can even affect an iron blade. Nutritional deficiency, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle are considered as primary causes of an ulcer.

  • Bitten rice, which we know by the name poha is very beneficial for ulcers. Take poha and aniseed (saunf) in equal quantity and crush into a fine powder. Add 20 grams of this powder in 2 liters of water in the morning. Dissolve thoroughly. Have it for the entire day like how you drink water. Finish off the solution within 24 hours. It will give relief to an ulcer.

  • Similarly, take cabbage and carrots in equal quantity and prepare a smooth juice out of it. Consume one cup of this juice in the morning and one in the evening. This will relieve peptic ulcer.

  • Intake of Ghee made from cow's milk is beneficial for ulcer patients. Add a teaspoon of turmeric in cow's milk and consume daily. This home remedy is said to cure any type of ulcer within 3-6 months.

  • Ulcer patients should incorporate almonds into their regular diet. Consuming almond milk twice in a day will improve the condition of an ulcer.


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