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Ways To Preserve Precious Health

Updated on March 22, 2016

Medicinal Properties of Wheat

People mainly consider wheat as a healthy grain but very few know that wheat is rich in medicinal properties too.


Mix 250 grams of wheat grains with 20-gram salt and boil in water. Boil until one-third of the water is left in the vessel. Consume the hot water. Repeating this procedure for a week gives relief in persistent coughing.


Take 80 grams of wheat grains and soak in water overnight. In the morning, grind them and strain well. You can add a bit of sugar to it for a better taste. Intake of this juice during the summer months gives cooling effects to the body. It helps release toxins and excess heat from the body thereby giving relief in urinary disorders.


Roast a handful of wheat grains in a non-stick pan before grinding it into a fine powder. Licking this flour with honey improves the condition of bone fractures.


Intake of a powdered mixture made with wheat grains, sugar and almonds increase concentration and result into a powerful memory.


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