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Ways for How to Deal with Depression

Updated on April 23, 2012

Learning how to deal with depression does not have to be a hard task. With the right treatment and medication, most people suffering from depression can find themselves living a fairly normal life. While you will have to keep testing the medication, often after years with some of the physical and chemical changes going on in the body there may be a need to have the medication adjusted or replaced with something new.

The type of medication and treatment method that will be needed will all be dependent on the type of depression that one is diagnosed with. If you pay attention to the symptoms of depression that one is feeling or exhibiting, then you will be able to accurately tell the doctor of you or your loved ones condition. Depression is known to respond better to treatment than other mental illnesses which can be a great relief when trying to learn how to deal with depression for the first time.

Is Drug Therapy the Answer?

There may be a combination of drug therapy administered to you which will include both antidepressants and mood stabilizer pills. The antidepressants work on the chemical imbalances that are present in the brain while the mood stabilizers help you stay on an even keel and keep the feelings of sadness, anxiousness or fear from returning. While these can be an excellent help in your treatment, they tend to work slowly and in some cases can even produce various side effects. Making sure to discuss all of your concerns with the doctor will allow you to feel more at ease before the treatment begins.

If your loved one is suffering from a case of severe depression, electro-convulsive therapy or ECT may need to be used. It is recommended that you ask for a second opinion if you are worried before under-going this type of treatment. It is still not quite known why it works to make the patient feel and act less depressed, it just does. Some side effects are common and this can include disorientation after completion of the treatment for a little while, headaches, and sore stiff muscles. There are even a few patients who have complained of memory loss after being treated for a long time.

Does Talk Therapy Really Work?

Finally one of the last popular methods for learning how to deal with depression is through psychotherapy which is talk therapy. This can mean one on one sessions between the patient and doctor, or it could include spouses and family members who all work together and share in the patient's life. There are also four types of therapy that is offered within these talk sessions.

Brief supportive therapy allows one to focus on the day to day conflicts and problems they may have with other people.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a long term process that deals with resolving inner problems.

Behavioural therapy allows the patient to learn new ways to respond to their problems for better results and a healthier frame of mind.

Cognitive therapy is another longer process that looks at chronic problems and the negative attitudes found within the patient and those around them.

Why Not Join a Self Help Group?

While there is no professional on hand at self-help groups, these are often an integral part of learning how to deal with depression. Being a part of these types of groups will allow you to interact with others who know what you are going through and can share their personal experiences and the things that have helped them get through and move on. Families and friends can find encouragement when they are feeling tired or frustrated and it can be a healthy outlet for you to relieve some stress.

These types of group settings are often really helpful when first understanding when depression strikes and the options you have available to you both as the one who is suffering from the disorder or the family who is trying to be supportive.


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    • meloncauli profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      Interesting hub. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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