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How to Choose Maternity Jeans

Updated on August 28, 2017

We all know how challenging it may be to remain stylish and trendy when you are pregnant.

You not only "battle" with constant body changes, you'll have to contend with mood swings and that feeling of looking anything but beautiful.

No matter how much they try, many expectant mothers find it a challenge to look stylish, but it does not have to be that way. Appearing frumpy and drab is no longer acceptable.

So, even though you lose many things to your growing bump - sleep, muscle tone and the ability to bend down to see your feet, you need not feel less inclined to staying trendy and looking great.

Jeans Look Great on Pregnant Women

Looking on the bright side, pregnancy comes a soft glow, freshness, and a cuddly and look and if you wish to enhance these looks in a fashionable way, maternity jeans with lovely tops will make you look fabulous despite your state. But they must be trendy and stylish.

Ways To Look Like The Celebs In Designer Maternity Jeans
Ways To Look Like The Celebs In Designer Maternity Jeans
Over-the-Bump Waist Band
Over-the-Bump Waist Band

Some expectant moms may decide to shop for newer trending maternity jeans with the intention of wearing them post-delivery while others will shop strictly for those to wear only when pregnant.

However, whichever way you choose, you can still rock your pregnancy with stylish maternity jeans that not only look great but are also designed to fit you for comfort.

Maternity jeans need to fit snugly without a ‘vice grip’ that's so common in many jeans styles. So what allows for this snug fit? An elasticated bump/waist band.

Because it is important to think about your growing belly, your waistband choice should fit throughout your pregnancy, and there are different maternity waistband styles that are out there. They are all elasticized and are:

  • Over-the-bump bands
  • Under-the-bump bands
  • Belt bands
  • Rollover waist bands
  • Drawstrings (isn’t actually a band but strings that put you in control)

Under-the-Bump Waist Band
Under-the-Bump Waist Band
Belt Band Maternity Jeans
Belt Band Maternity Jeans

Over-the-bump waistbands

If you’d rather have a more secure fit, comfort, and support, you should get a very soft but firm over-bump band. They fit securely right under the bust, feeling almost like a second skin.

Under-the-bump bands

Great for women that love low rise jeans and pants generally, the elasticized under-bump band comes in soft stretch jersey and fits comfortably under the bump. Under-the-bump bands and allows you room for your pregnancy to grow.

Belt bands

Quite stylish, especially with cropped, tank, or short tops, the narrower belt bump band features built-in elastic that stretches for that perfect trendy fit. Belt bands have belt loops which allow you accessorize maternity jeans with stylish belts.

Rollover bump waist bands

In many fashionable expectant mothers opinion, the rollover bands are the best for comfort and versatility. If you are very stylish and very particular about fit, choose a rollover band. It has a soft stretch jersey band that you can pull up over your bump or roll down below your waist. The choice is yours.


They are not elasticized bands like all the ones mentioned above, however, maternity jeans with drawstrings put you in control. You can always adjust the fit of your jeans and pants throughout the tenure of your pregnancy and even use your jeans post-pregnancy.

Trendy Maternity Jeans Styles

Finding the perfect pair is your first step towards creating a new wardrobe for your pregnancy, however, ensure your choices are ultra-soft denim with plenty of elasticity. They must be very comfortable and give you flexible fits through the tenure of your pregnancy and beyond.

Styles are varied but the most popular choices for fashionable pregnant moms-to-be are:

  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Cropped jeans
  • Slim leg jeans
  • Jeggings
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Shorts and skirts

Any of these styles can come as distressed, faded, light-washed, blue-washed, black, denim, patterned, and white maternity jeans.

Remember that you maternity jeans will serve you for different uses, from going shopping and doing school runs to attending an evening event and going out-on-the-town.

Because pregnancy jeans are a wardrobe must-have for pregnant women, they must be very comfortable and move easily whether you are walking, driving, or simply sitting down meaning that your pair must never 'bite' into your waist but rather, stretch comfortably with your every move.


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Style Your Pregnancy Jeans

To meet today's demands for fashion that keeps you always looking stunning and stylish while expecting your baby, pair with heels, boots, trainers, or flats and wear with your favourite formal or informal tops - Tshirts, blouses, or sweaters for a great look.

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    • profile image

      maternity dresses 6 years ago

      Very nice collection on maternity clothes. Maternity outfits especially for plus sized women are very in fashion now so more and more designers are concentrating here. Expectant mums are not restricting themselves to the stereotype clothes anymore. You have a good selection of different maternity items, and it is great to see a story about plus size women being seen as what they are normal. It’s very comfortable for summer days. It is also very comfortable for wedding time. Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Mavi jeans 6 years ago

      Good Links. Thank you so much!! so many good ideas for my next pregnancy. I had a hard time finding great stuff so thought I would share what has taken me my pregnancy to find

    • profile image

      shokking 6 years ago

      Great hub, thanks

    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 6 years ago

      Great Hub. I just love the fact that denim designers have made a line for maternity pants. They have definitely opened up a whole new door for sales. Pregnant Mom's love still being able to wear designer denim and still feel sexy!

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      Yes i can believe that Keira. Many thanks for your visits.

      GodBless you.

    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 8 years ago

      That brings me a lot of memories. Thanks Viryabo. Take care. See you soon.