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How to Weight Gain Fast Naturally

Updated on February 10, 2015

There are many weight gaining tips that you can follow if you want to gain more weight quickly and healthly. This is actually a bit confusing when hundreds of people want to lose some weight while you want to gain weight.

However, the case of people gaining weight compared to losing weight is actually almost in the same ratio tough the case in losing weight is said to be more often. Gaining weight seems simple. You just need to eat so much and you will gain weight quickly. However, this method might be dangerous for your health.

Consuming foods with protein is important since it can give lots of benefits to your health especially if you are on diet. Protein is good for diet because protein will not make you gain weight. This is why there are many people prefer adding protein to their diet meals since it is considered to be easy and effective. You just need to find some types of foods containing protein that you can east daily in your daily meals. There are many options of foods containing protein you can choose from and they can be inexpensive. So, you do not need to cost a lot of money to buy the foods while keeping your body healthy.

Almost everyone loves chicken both children and adults. Chicken is not just good in the taste, but this is also good in the nutrients since it contains high protein. The breast is the part that contains the most protein. There are about 30 grams of protein that you can get from chicken breast. The thigh is the second part that contains lots of protein with about 10 grams of protein contained. Chicken wing contains the least amount of protein just about 6 grams. Not only chicken, foods with protein are varied and you can choose other types of foods if chicken is not your favorite. Fish can be a good option of food that you can eat to get lots of protein.

Not only fish and chicken, but you can also gain protein from egg. No matter what kind of eggs that you eat, whether this is duck or chicken egg, both of them contain good amount of protein. Protein contained in eggs is different from each other depending on the size of the egg. Milk is also one of foods with proteins you can consume daily. Protein in milk is varied depending on what kind of milk that you drink and how much you drink it. Soya milk contains the highest amount of protein among other types of milk because it has up to 10 grams of protein in a cup.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk also contain lots of protein since they are made of milk. So, the protein contained derived from the protein in milk since they are made of the same ingredient. Moreover, yogurt has higher amount of protein than milk that is about 12 grams in every one cup. Cheese has the same high amount of protein, but since there are many kinds of cheese that you can find, protein from each kind of cheese can be different. Parmesan cheese has the highest amount of protein with 10 grams in every 28 grams of parmesan cheese. These foods with protein can be mixed with other foods to make snacks or meals that you like.

Protein can be gained from snacks as well such as nuts. So, if you want to eat healthy snack, you can try to east nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashew and other types of nuts. These nuts contain a great amount of protein about 5 to 10 grams. So, with many options of foods that you can consume, now you do not need to worry about emptying your wallet to buy healthy foods. There are still many other options of foods with protein that you can include in your daily meals.


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