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weight loss process

Updated on February 25, 2011

Weight loss has become a goal for most of the people of the world. Everyone of us enjoys it. When we thinks about the goals of weight loss then all of us love to reach that goal very quickly. Everyone wants to lose weight very quickly.

Everyone can feel about the result of weight loss. When anyone can lose his weights of pounds in a couple of weeks and can gain the figure for which he was trying his most what he feels just think about it. Some people think that is it possible? Yes it is possible.


Generally weight loss means to follow a crash diet. Because by diet control one can control his being fat and when he can control his fatness then he can reduce his weight. But what should be done when one need to loose weight very quickly. Like for the plan of a wedding if one needs to lose the weight. to do this there is short time planning.

There are some problems of crash diet. The problem is one’s body will get used to decrease in calorie consumption and it will burn less fat as the time goes on. As a result one will reach at a point where his process to loose his weight plateaus and he will stop loosing fats.

For weight loss when anybody is limiting his diets and calories, he is also limiting his essential elements of nutrients which are necessary for his body. This creates a lacking in the body. After sometime he may loose his weight but when he will starts eating normally he will gain back his weight. So it is a temporary process of weight loss.

Steady loose fo weight is not as satisfying as rapid weight loss. Besides, it is a frustrating process. It can make one disappointed when he will see on scale and see that he has lost only a little bit of his pounds after two or three weeks exercising and dieting.

In the process of slow and steady loss of weight one is not entitled to control dieting seriously. He will control his diet slightly and exercise regularly so that his body does not face the lacking of nutrients and vitamins. In this way his body will not react to the effects of calorie deficit what he feels at the time of crash diet.

When anyone is controlling his diet in a slow and steady manner he will get habited with it and he will forget his old eating habit. As a result he will never go back to his old habit and his body suites with present habit. If anybody can do it e will loose his weight forever. In this process his body will have necessary nutrients and there will not be any bad effect on his body.

So if we think serious we can get the answer that which process is better for weight loss. Slow or rapid and steady. All this really depends on the goals whose goal is how? but in each goal one should make his goal clearly and final. People can do anything he wants. There is nothing impossible in this world so if anyone can make his perfect goal then he will be able to loose his weight one day. Because weight loss is a great feeling if one is successful in loosing his weight.


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