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Weight Loss Secrets Exposed

Updated on April 18, 2017

Obesity Sign Of Unhealthiness

Obesity Sign Of Unhealthiness
Obesity Sign Of Unhealthiness

Introduction To Weight Loss

weight loss is very challenging task, you try different ways to loss weight but still failed to achieve the results. There will be many times you want to quit your struggle. our Body weight is calculated by the amount of calories intake and and amount of calories burned through activities we perform in a day. If you are failed to lose weight it means your amount of calories intake is equal to amount of calories burned in a day. Although there are many reasons of obesity including poor diet, high calories consumption, hormonal changes, genetics, mental health issues, inactive lifestyle, age, inappropriate sleep and medications. Obesity just not only kills your beauty but can also be a reason to give birth to many other diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, infertility, cancer, back pain and gastric ulcers.Most of people use medications instead of exercise to lose weight but they don't even think that they are inviting many diseases to attack their health.

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Why To Lose Weight?

Here are many reasons which keep you motivated to lose weight.

  • If you lose weight, you can save yourself from many life threatening diseases.
  • If you lose weight, you will feel happy for yourself.
  • If you lose weight, you can get your confidence back.
  • if you lose weight, you can easily ride a car.
  • If you lose weight, you will not be the reason for others to laugh at you.
  • If you lose weight, you will like doing many activities that you can not do due to obesity.
  • If you lose weight, you can dance without feeling embarrassed.
  • If you lose weight, you feel power of accomplishment of goal.
  • If you lose weight, you will not feel negative and demotivated for yourself.
  • If you lose weight, your work schedule will be easy and you will enjoy doing it.
  • If you lose weight, you can wear every type of dress that you can not wear due to obesity.
  • If you lose weight, you will feel embarrassed eating around others.

Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Tips For Weight Loss

Obesity is a common problem all over the world for both men and women. Obesity destroys your personality and creates fear for unhealthiness in your life.Here are few general tips to cope up with obesity.

  • Water plays very crucial role for weight loss. Drink plenty of water to fight with obesity. drink a glass of water every hour.
  • Avoid eating unhealthy, oily and fast food items.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Eat fruits, vegetable and high fiber foods.
  • Eat slowly and stop eating before you are full.
  • Take adequate sleep.
  • Do not take stress, keep your self calm.

Vegetables Make Healthy Diet.

Vegetables For Weight Loss
Vegetables For Weight Loss

Vegetables For Weight Loss

Vegetables play very important role in weight loss process.

Broccoli does not contains fat and rich in fiber, calcium, vitamins and minerals which helps to maintain your health while reducing weight.


It is a best vegetable for weight loss, contains lots of water and low in calories.
It is being served with salads mostly.

Carrots should also be added in diet plan as it contain beta-carotene and fiber. These are eaten raw.

Celery contains much of water and hardly contains any calorie. it contains fiber and protein.So it is also good for weight loss.

Fruits for healthy diet

Fruits To Lose Weight
Fruits To Lose Weight

Facts And Myths For Weight Loss

  • Stay away from Fast food.
  • By exercise you can never gain weight.
  • Snacking is always bad for health.
  • Carbohydrates are all bad.
  • There is no any miracle fat burning food.

Weight Lose With The Help Of Fruits

Nutritionists, doctors and dieticians have always emphasized on the significance of fruits for weight loss. Fruits contain very low ratio of calories and almost no fat. Various fruits protect you from different disease and fights against obesity.

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C. So it helps to reduce weight naturally.

Grape fruit:
This helps to reduce weight and widely used to fight against obesity. It tastes sour so you can use its juice by adding pinch of salt in it.

papaya is very helpful in reducing weight as it contains plenty of fiber which helps to maintain cholesterol level of your body.

Blueberries are good source of antioxidants, which can help to maintain blood pressure and help in weight loss.

Tip: It is advised to eat fruit as whole instead of taking juice from it because juices contain high amount of calories.

Yoga Keeps You Fit


Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is famous now a days all over the world. Yoga is the best exercise to do to lose weight and maintains a healthy life style. From teenagers to elders it is beneficial for all. Wordy meaning of yoga is to connect or to merge. It is a process to make connection between your body and the soul. Yoga helps to cope up with stress. iT makes body flexible and gives you attractive look. It reduces stress from body and mind and also makes you strong, flexible and smart. people who are fed up of being fat must try yoga to maintain healthy life style.

Here are few tips to do yoga.

  • Yoga must be done on clean carpet.
  • Wear easy and loose dresses in which you feel comfortable.
  • Yoga must be done in relaxed and stress free environment.

Activities And Calories Burning Ratio

Activity (1 hour) Duration
Weight Of Person And Calarioes Burned
160 pounds (73 kilograms)
200 pounds (91 kilograms)
240 pounds (109 kilograms)
Bicycling 10 mph
Ice skating
Running 5mph
Running 8mph
walking 2mph
Walking 3.5mph
Calories Burning Chart

Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Home Remedies To Lose Weight
Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Here are few home remedies to lose weight that both men and women can follow.

  • Make a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon powdered black pepper , 3 teaspoon orange juice and 1 teaspoon sugar in create water. Drink this mixture daily for 4 months.
  • Drink green tea daily to get rid of toxins from your body.
  • Mix one teaspoon of honey in juice of half lime in Luke warm water , this treats obesity very well.
  • If you want quick and natural way to lose weight eat papaya, or vegetable soup as a dinner for 2 to 3 months. This will fight against obesity.
  • Exercise is a best natural way to control obesity. Spend 25-30 minutes daily on exercise. This will make your metabolism fast and will burn off extra calories from your body.
  • Try taking vegetables, fruits, along with some fiber and protein.
  • Eat 10-12 fully grown curry leaves every morning to burn fat and lose weight.

Tip: Remember that you need to burn off more calories than you consume to lose weight. Minimize your carbohydrate intake and count calories you take and check weight 3 times a week.


Exercise For Weight loss
Exercise For Weight loss

Exercise To Loss Weight

Doing weight lose exercises daily help you controlling your weight.Here are few daily exercises which helps to maintain healthy life style by reducing weight.


This means ride on bicycle. Cycling must be done early in the morning. This exercise depends upon how regularly you are doing it. It is preferred when weather is pleasant.

Swimming is also very helpful in weight loss. It burns approximately 800 calories in just one hour. This needs regular exercise for many days. you should also control diet with these exercises.

Push ups:

Push-ups do not need any machine. you just have lay down on the floor and lift your body up and down. This exercise should be repeated 8 to 10 minutes daily.

Step aerobics:

This exercise helps in reduction of fat and approximately burn 800 calories in one hour. This mainly focuses on legs, thighs and hips.

Foods To Avoid
Foods To Avoid

Foods To Avoid In Weight Loss

Food that you must avoid while loosing weight.

  • Food Containing Carbohydrates. E.g :-Cakes, pastries,soft drink cookies,Ice cream,puddings etc.
  • Food Containing Cholesterol E.g :- Burgers,nuggets,french fries,pizza etc
  • Food Containing Artificial Sweeteners E.g :- sweet twin, sugar twin ,NutraSweet etc
  • Food Containing White Flour E.g:- White bread, buns,cookies etc

No Medications In Weight Loss
No Medications In Weight Loss

Why To Avoid Medication In Weight Loss

Medication should strictly be avoided during weight loss because there are many medication available to lose weight. When you will stop taking them you will start regaining your weight unless you adopt continuous weight loss lifestyle. For instance exercise and healthy diet.

Note For Pregnant Women:- Pregnant womens should not take any kind of weight losing medications .This includes prescriptions, over the counter medication and herbal as well.

Over the counter medication are the medication which you buy without any prescription of specialist or Doctor.


I am Not a Doctor and I can not provide any sort of medical advice. This information is based on research from different books and websites.

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