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Strength Training For A Strong Feminine Body

Updated on March 16, 2011
Muscles add sex appeal to a woman's physique
Muscles add sex appeal to a woman's physique

Why Should Women Train With Weights?


Why should women embrace strength training exercises as a part of their lifestyle? The reasons are many and the reason is one: muscles are meant to be used to preserve fitness and longevity. Man or woman - who doesn't want that?

For those who have been avoiding these mighty metals like a plague, let me list down 7 benefits of strength training.

1. It makes you strong

This is a no-brainer. Do you have a problem opening the cap off the ketchup and had to look for a man to open it? Do you feel frustrated for not being able to move things or carry grocery bags for long distances because you lack strength?

Strong muscles are developed with use and overload. When you strength train correctly and overload your muscles consistently, they will rebuild themselves to be a little stronger each time in anticipation of the next training session. When you are strong, the world is your oyster!

2. It gives you balance

Balance and stability allows you to protect yourself from injury. When you injure your back as you try to carry that heavy load, this happens because of weak core muscles. Your abdominal and lower back make up the core of your body. When there is an imbalance in the muscles of either muscle group, the risk of injury increases. It is crucial to develop these muscles equally for that very reason.

3. It builds bones

We all fear osteoporosis and brittle bones that plague many senior citizens in our community. As you probably know, we stop building bones biologically after 30 years of age. The deposit stops and the withdrawal begins. While it is important that we supplement our diet with calcium in our diets in the form of milk, soy and calcium-rich vegetables like broccoli and kale, there is another more direct way to maintain and even build our bone density that most women are not aware of. Strength training, using weights to exercise all our body parts is an excellent way to stop bone loss, even if we start only at 50 years old Research has proven that the elderly will benefit tremendously with strength training no matter what age they are. Other forms of exercise will also strengthen the bones such as running, racket games, dancing and other weight bearing activities.

4. It gives you curves

Fat hides the curves and muscles define them. Many women still hang on to the myth that lifting weights will give you big muscles. If you are referring to some of the freaky female bodybuilders that you see in the magazines, chances are that they are genetically gifted and some may even take steroids (which are predominantly testosterone). All of these women have dedicated their lives to strict diets and heavy training to be at the level that they have achieved.

Us "lesser mortals" will not and will never plan to be in that league! If you look at a marathon runner, they have basically a lean stringy physique, suitable for the sport of their choice. Many runners don't include resistant training in their routine and they stay stringy for as long as they run.


Women who spend most of their time on the treadmill, cross trainers, steppers and aerobic classes will achieve fat loss if they are consistent but they will also lose muscle in the process, resulting in flabby skin on their skinny frames and unhealthy looking physiques. The curves just don't exist on their bodies! A healthy sexy body has well-rounded shoulders, lean and defined arms, gorgeous six pack abs, a shapely back and fantastic curvy legs & glutes. Not to mention perky breasts.

It doesn't get any better than that, don't you agree?

5. It protects your internal organs

The muscles that we call six packs, which is the front part of the abdominals and the side muscles, which are called obliques are crucial in protecting and keeping our organs tucked in. If some one punches us and we don't have strong muscles to cushion the blow, can you imagine the damage that it will do to our internal organs?

6. It keeps you lean

Another benefit of having muscles is that this wonderful tissue requires energy just to maintain itself. What this means is that it will burn calories, therefore keeping your metabolism elevated even as you sleep just to keep itself pumped. This is the obvious advantage it has over doing cardiovascular exercise. However, it is important that you include both in your routine as your heart needs to exercise too.

7. It will increase your confidence

I have never seen a woman who has defined muscles walk with a slump! She walks with confidences, has a positive outlook and radiates health and happiness to people around her. It's contagious. Everyone's chasing wealth(and there's certainly nothing wrong with that) but don't compromise your health in the process!

Now, wouldn't you want to be that person? She's you, just about to be discovered. So take that first step. It's worth every effort, I promise.


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    • Dan_Solaris profile image

      Dan_Solaris 8 years ago

      Wonderful Hub Nina! Most women shy away from strength-training because they're afraid of getting the muscular, bulky look but it actually takes serious weight-lifting to achieve that. Toning and strengthening the body's muscles aside from giving us a sexier physique, raises our metabolism because muscle tissue burns calories by just being there. The higher our metabolism is, the easier it is for our body to use-up calories with less effort and this can only lead to rapid fat loss. For 7 free metabolic exercise videos put together by a renowned, medically-trained fitness trainer who has been featured regularly on NBC news, check-out

    • Sound of Me profile image

      Sound of Me 8 years ago from United States

      Very informative post, but you've gotta expand for a woman where she BEGINS with strength training... is strength training for a woman different than a man? Do they need higher reps, higher sets, higher weights, some or none of the above? Do they focus one day on one part of their body or do an overall workout? What would a typical beginner workout routine for a woman look like? These are great motivational tips, but now you've got to help us out on where to go with them...