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6 Ways Spices Increase Weight Loss

Updated on April 16, 2012

Spices are not only known for making your food taste yummy, they are also known for helping you stay healthy and fight off cancer and other health risks. One of the best things certain spices can aid your system in doing is shedding some extra pounds. In this day and age with all of the fast food restaurants, it is way too easy to pack on those pounds before you even realize it. Now you can fight back with the power of spices and still enjoy a great tasting meal!

In the following article, we will discuss 6 ways that spices have been known to help increase your weight loss and get you to your goal in a healthy and happy way.


Cinnamon is perfect for almost any drink or meal. Not only does it add a nice smooth flavor to your dish, it is also safe for all dieters and diabetics alike with their attempts to lose weight. It has been proven to modulate ones blood sugar, and aid in the body's breakdown of carbohydrates. A simple ½ teaspoon to a full teaspoon a day can help to lower your body's LDL levels(bad cholestrol), and keep your blood sugar levels evened out. When looking for great food that tastes excellent with cinnamon and is perfect for dieting, oatmeal, hot cocoa, tea and fruit are all on the list of must haves.


Cardamom is another of the spices that are known to aid in the production of weight loss. It is an Indian spice that is more commonly known as a thermmogenic herb. It is known to increase your metabolism and burn body fat. It is a digestive aid that can help sooth the body's digestive system and help it to process other food more efficiently. While it is commonly cooked up in Indian and Scandinavian dishes, it can also be thrown into tea and coffee when you want that extra fat burning boost.

Cayenne Pepper

If you have ever taken a bite into a cayenne pepper, regardless of whether you enjoy spicy foods, you will still admit that there is one serious kick to this spice. Not only does it set your mouth on fire, it continues that burning sensations all through your system. This in turn gets the metabolism revved up and increases your body temperature. It is known as one of the best of the fat burning spices. Capsaicin is the active ingredient and is also present in other spicy peppers as well.


This has been known to be a secret among the Asians for years. Curry is actually made up of several spices such as cumin and turmeric. When used in a combination with each other these spices work to create a powerful weight loss blend.


Cloves are another one of the spices that help in burning body fat. Used commonly in baking and to add that extra little taste to meat dishes, they have been appreciated for their help in speeding up metabolism and increasing weight loss. Much like cinnamon does, cloves reduce the sugar levels in your body. This in turn helps the body regulate its insulin and keeps diabetes at bay.


Ginger is also a very powerful spice used for helping weight loss. An Australian study showed that ginger is one of the best spices for increasing metabolism. It is also known as a thermogenic food and is commonly used in Asian recipes. This spice is the perfect additive to any soup or stir fry.

The great thing about using spices to help with your weight loss is that it takes so very little and can be used in so many different dishes. With a little more research, home cooks and dieters alike can find other foods that are known to help with weight loss and combine the two together for a flavorful meal that no one will even think is “diet” food.


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