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How to gain calf muscle

Updated on June 11, 2016

1. Running

As you all may know, running is good for fat loss. Running at a moderate speed will increase your calf muscles particularly, if you haven't realised sometimes after you run you have calf pains. This is because you are using your calves a lot when you run.

2. Eat protein

Protein's job in your body is to repair and help muscle growth. After going to the gym or exercising, results will only show if you eat protein which helps the muscles build up and appear bigger. Foods like soy, dairy products, fish and chicken breast are great sources of protein which don't contain tons of fat.

3. Don't over exercise

Over-exercising your calves will damage them, and ruin the progress of your muscle build-up. And besides, no one wants to walk around with sore calves, since they do play a huge role in your daily lives and movement.

4. Dance!

Specifically, ballet. I know many people don't have the time or interest to go to ballet lessons, but have you noticed how toned and muscular ballet dancer's legs are? If you are interested in dancing, here is another good reason for you to start.

5. Walk everywhere

When you walk your calves tense up and push your heel upwards. This isn't an intense exercise, but next time when you get in the car, just ask yourself if it's not too far to walk. Over time you will be able to see significant differences.


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