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Long Term Weight Loss Solutions

Updated on August 2, 2009

While there are plenty of measures available to help you lose weight fast, coming up with actual long term weight loss solutions takes a bit more research, and sticking to them even more determination.  What is it about losing weight quickly that grabs people's attention?  It's the lure and promise that you will drop pounds instantly and be able to fit back into the outfit that you have not worn for three years.  While some of these fast weight loss programs do work, they often result in what is termed the yo-yo diet syndrome where you lose pounds in a matter of weeks and then put it all back on again plus some more in the weeks following your diet.

So, how can you lose weight and keep it off?  There is no sure method although following some sensible diet and eating guidelines will be more likely to help than not.  Here are some long term weight loss solutions that will ensure, if followed, that those pounds you lose actually stay off.

It has been proven by studies that dieters who are well read and informed are more likely to lose weight sensibly and keep it off than dieters who do not research weight loss programs.  Being informed helps you to make the right decisions with your weight loss. While there is a lot of hype and misinformation on line, if you read enough you will find that there is a predominance of material and information that offers sound dieting advice and following that advice is bound to produce results.  Joining an on line dieting club or program has also been very helpful for many people as it offers support and advice, two things that are needed in order to succeed with long term weight loss.

If you can't find an on line support group that works for you, enlist the help of friends and relatives.  Reporting your weight loss (or weight gain) to another can be a motivating force to help you stick to your diet.  Having the support of your partner or friends means that there's someone who will encourage you not to have a bowl of icecream or that extra mayonnaise.  

Do not fall for the fast weight loss hype that abounds.  While it is definitely very possible to lose pounds per day it does not mean that you will keep all those pounds off once your diet is over. In fact, commonly fast weight loss leads to weight being regained once the diet is over. If you want to lose weight and keep it off set weekly or monthly weight loss goals, not daily goals.

If you want your body to burn fat not muscle build up your body muscle while dieting. In other words exercise while dieting and keep up a good exercise program after your diet is done.  Dieting without exercise will not result in long term weight loss. If you don't diet, all those pounds will come right back.  All sensible weight loss solutions incorporate exercise. 


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