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Healthy Nutrition

Updated on August 18, 2016

Working with your body can be a hard task when combined with everything the news confuses you with when it comes to health. According to Dietary Guidelines of 2010 through Institute of Child Nutrition your health should be inclined with what your doctor recommends. Doctor recommendations are the best to go by for children and adults.

There are many different topics of learning nutrition within the Institute of Child Nutrition that can give advice of health and nutrition for children and adults. These courses are free courses that don't cost anything. The only thing you may have to pay for is printing of the certificate at the Library which is still only about ten cents. Courses include CARE Connection - Planning Cycle Menus in Child Care, Step-by-Step Menu Planning for Child Care, Webinar - Creating an Active, Healthy Environment, Webinar - Playing, Learning, and Growing.

Overview of Childhood Education and many more certification courses provided. Institute of Child Nutrition is based out at the University of Mississippi but also provide face to face training closer to the site. With this education you can get a better understanding of your child's nutrition through their free online courses at the Institute of Child Nutrition.

Institute of Child Nutrition

Dietary of Americans 2010


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