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What About Me ?

Updated on July 10, 2013

Follow The Path

This is more of an about me lens, I did not just come up with the idea it was the latest challenge that was brought to my attention through Squidoo. I know you may think this is a lame topic and you may be rite because at the moment I am thinking the same thing. But who knows maybe someone out their would like to get to know the personality behind the the the crazy. Here you will find the 3 virtues that I may battle at times but steer to bring them to fruition.

Love Is Very Powerful

Learn To Love

My name is Angelo Timoneri. It is a unique name as I only know one other with the same name and he can be considered family. I grew up in Brooklyn then Queens and at a later age Long Island. I do not watch sports, I hate watching TV programming as I feel it is a waste of time. Instead of watching a Romantic couple kiss in the rain on the "dumb box" I rather go do it for real. Unfortunately many I know along with the rest of society have become mindless zombies. I have lots of love for people but they seem to have trouble loving themselves. Some seek it in inanimate objects like movies or jewelry and some seek it in other people resulting in failed relationships.

Love starts from within and If you do not love yourself then do something about it. I learned this from my last relationship, six years of torture and torment when I always knew why and just never wanted to admit it. She did not truly love the me but the fact that the me loved her. She never loved herself and needed other things and people all the time for that. I had to end that relationship because no matter how much someone says they will change they cannot until they heal the problem from within, loving yourself. Love is the most important thing before death and seems to be the hardest for many in life. Love is powerful, its strength can break a persons soul for years. It can bind you to another for life. It causes reactions in the mind that peaks any other thought in the moment. It is so powerful that it can structure water back to a healthy resonance allowing you to drink the love you give. Put the TV on the shelf, put work on the side even though it seems impossible and make that time. Unfortunately we are the only animals on this earth that pay to keep living so I understand the work excuse trust me but keep an open mind. Love should be the first thing you fix and if you need to break it first to rebuild it better then do it. Once you learn to love everything else seems to be easier.

I have grown to love everyone and thing. Even the ugliest of people have something to love about them although at times it may seem impossible. Love may be as simple as a persons habit like needing to sleep with a leg on you or just the love they may have for a craft or pet that makes them beautiful, as ugly as their attitude may be. Try not to look at negative because it only breeds more negative. It takes a lot of practice but love is easy, I love and this is how I prefer to live my life.

Learn about Dr. Emoto - This is a good start

Just seeing the word Love is very strong. It can also help the people you interact with if they see it. Love is closely related to the word appreciation. Love and Appreciation for everything brings about a resonance that has been lost in this time of planet pillaging.

Dr. Emoto is a hero of mine and I wish more people would listen to him, he believes we are at a point where if we do not love everything around us it just might be too late for human kind.

Water Blessing Labels: Love & Gratitude
Water Blessing Labels: Love & Gratitude

Just simply label Love on your water will bring about a healthy resonance.


Health Is Wealth

The elephant in the room

Health has always been a big struggle for me. I am not sure how it started maybe just the habits of an Italian culture but this is inevitably the doom for most including me. I love to eat and if you met me it would definitely be no secret. But just a few years ago I experienced watching my father pass. It was devastating as he had left my family for reasons I still try not to understand even though I do more than anyone. His fifth heart attack did him in, it was no secret that he was not healthy. He smoked 2 packs a day and he secretly devoured hamburgers whenever he heard my mom had turkey meatballs waiting for him at home (at the time that was considered healthy). He was another victim of not loving himself which caused devastation to his kids. I personally fell off the deep end and had been lost for almost a year. I lost work, depressed and eating crap, no direction where I was going. My health got worse like a domino effect starting with my fathers bad health.

I have not been a poster boy for healthy living but ever since my fathers passing it has been more of a dedicated hobby of mine. I have learned so many things about the crap we eat that it has caused a disturbing paranoia. Not really a bad thing, ask any computer hacker about paranoia you just cannot get enough of it. The more you worry the safer you may be of course not to the point where it stresses you out but just being extra careful. Start learning more about what you eat and little by little replace or omit them from your diet.

Learn !!! Their is no excuse for not knowing about your food anymore, our parents are the only ones that can say they did not know or no one told them. These days we have the world wide web where we can find out about anything. Learn how to use Google, bookmark your favorite health sites. I am not talking about mainstream media sites you hear about on TV. Alternative media like or just to name a couple that I follow. If you want a few topics to get started look into Genetically Modified Organisms, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sugar as a drug these should help you get started.

Health Training

Here are some books if you want to start reading in the direction of health and put that romance novel down.


Raw food at one point in time was just known as FOOD

Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease
Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease

Processed food will include EVERYTHING at your local supermarket, OK I am exaggerating but mostly everything

Detoxification and Healing: The Key to Optimal Health
Detoxification and Healing: The Key to Optimal Health

Remember Detox involves slow terrain modification as DR.Cassar will tell you. You do not want those little worms to byte, you want them to leave on their own.

The Fluoride Deception
The Fluoride Deception

I can go on all day about the dangers of Fluoride.


Life - Do Not Give Up

Love Life
Love Life

Life is precious and always under attack by parasites, governments, evils, your boss but at the end of the day you have it. It is your life so try to grab the steering mechanism back and stop being a co-pilot. When someone tells you what to do with your life you should give the proper response and not passive aggressively carry on. Your life is encapsulated in that body you live in, that body is YOUR property. The first and last piece of property you will ever own. Just like a baby and his toy when some one attempts to take your toy you should scream MINE !!!!!

We do not have very long on this planet (unless you eat goji berries) and every day is a happy day so when you walk out of your house smile at your neighbor, pet a doggy, jump in someones pool, steal a rose from a bush and give it to your lover, cut the power cord to your kids television (cheap & easily fixed) so he is forced to play outside, tell your boss he is doing a great job and to keep up the good work (that should confuse him). I mean come'on this is simple break out of that average shell and start opening your mind, be the you that you are and start enjoying your life because if you don't no one else will.

I am currently learning about meditation. - Holosync is really cool.

Help others get started with healthy suggestions for them. It is a long road to good health.

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    • Klaartje Loose profile image

      Klaartje Loose 4 years ago

      There is this beautiful Rumi quote: 'Come out of the circle of time / And into the circle of love.'