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Understand What is Your Emotional Response

Updated on November 30, 2013

Emotional response is the excited state of mind, reactions or feelings in response to certain thoughts or stimuli. Emotions are the mental and physiological state when unprompted actions performed without a rational control over one’s mind at that time. Emotional response is associated with thoughts, feelings, mood, behavior, disposition and temperament etc.

Everyone undergoes expressing emotion, it can be positive or negative and duration may very from short term to long term. Some emotions like anger, surprise may last within few seconds, whereas some emotions like love, hatred, disappointments may last for years. Positive emotional responses are love, pleasure, happiness, success, pride etc. which makes a person feel happy. Negative emotional responses are anger, hatred, disappointments, fear, jealous, anxiety etc. which makes a person unhappy or sad. Positive emotions are constructive and harmless. On the contrary, the negative emotions are destructive and harmful.

There are different aspects of emotional responses and emotions are compiled of three major elements.

  • The Cognitive or Thought element

Cognitive factor of emotional responses are our feelings and experiences. What we feel or experience when we are in emotional disturbance like anger, hatred, disappointments, fear, jealous, anxiety, excitement, joy, love, pleasure, happiness, surprise etc. are the cognitive element of emotions, these are also called as emotional feelings.

  • The Physiological element

Emotional response results in some kind of physiological change. Physiological factor of an emotional responses are our body reactions for an Emotional disturbance. Shortness of breath, increase in heart beat, muscle tension, tunnel vision are some of the examples of Physiological element of Emotions.

  • The Reaction or Behavioral element

When we undergo emotional disturbances we urge to do some actions, the action tendencies when experiencing an emotion are the Reaction or Behavioral element. Jumping up when we rejoice, slapping someone when we are annoyed, smiling when we feel happy, crying when we experience sadness are some of the Reaction or Behavioral element of Emotions.

Emotions don’t come by birth, a newborn baby doesn’t fear of toxic insects or snakes. Children’s emotions emerge as and when they grow and experience. Children’s learn to express their emotions just like as they learn to talk or walk. Emotions cause a lot of hormone variations and chemical changes in body. If a person undergoes a strong emotional disturbance, his adrenal gland sends adrenaline hormone in to his blood, which makes the heart beat faster than normal and due to this the blood circulation to muscles and brain increases. Various ailments like high blood pressure, asthma, stress, depression, hypertension, hysteria, rheumatoid arthritis are the effects of strong emotional disturbances.

Most of the emotions are unpredictable, uncontrollable and dreadful. Very intense and uncontrolled emotional response most of the times damage your health as well as your relationships. Understanding your emotions and over coming it is the best way to avoid unintended situations and safeguard your relationship in good health.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great common sense here. Wish I'd thhuogt of that.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Why do I bother callnig up people when I can just read this!

    • shabarigirish profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for your comments Al and SoDivine. Yes getting hold on emotions is very hard and some times its not required to hold also, but it should not be harmful to your relationship.

    • SoDivine profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      There is a lot of information here. Getting a hold of your emotions is amazingly hard, especially at the workplace.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi,Don't babies cry isn't that an emotional response?

      Great article!Thanks.


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