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What Are the Best Supplies for Incontinence

Updated on September 30, 2015

Types of Urinary Incontinence (Lack of Bladder Control)

I'll admit this is not the most comfortable topic to talk about, but as a care giver for someone who needs adult diapers I know it's important to have good information on incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence is also known as lack of bladder control. It affects women more often then men and affects the elderly more often than younger people. At least half of the people in nursing homes and long term care facilities suffer from some form of incontinence, It's estimated that more than 13 million people people in the United States have some degree of urinary incontinence.

Stress Incontinence is often caused by lifting, running, coughing, sneezing and laughing.

Urge Incontinence is when a person suddenly has to pee without warning. It can be caused by a sudden movement or sexual activity.

Functional Incontinence occurs when a person has to empty their bladder, but can't make it to the bathroom in time. it is often associated with a lack of mobility or dementia.

Gross Incontinence occurs when a person can no longer store urine in their bladder and it leaks out steadily. Gross incontinence may be caused by damage to the spinal cord or injury to the bladder.

Fortunately for people who are experiencing a lack of bladder control and their caregivers there are plenty of products on the market to help with dryness and odor control.

Treating and Controling Urinary Incontinence

Any symptoms of loss of bladder control should be evaluated by a physician, There may be surgical treatments or medications which may help alleviate the problem.

In the meantime, there are plenty of incontinence products available to help people lead a more comfortable and productive life.

Pads are best for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Newer technology means the products can contain a reasonable amount of urine and wick the wetness away from the skin.

Adult diapers are well suited for people who are bedridden or have limited mobility.

Pull up underwear are a good choice for people who are active.

People who suffer from urinary incontinence may feel uncomfortable shopping for products in public, particularly in a small town.

Fortunately, there are plenty of of supplies available on line with great savings, and in this growing and increasingly competitive market, manufactures are often willing to offer coupons and good discountsl

Pads for Loss of Bladder Control

Pads are a simple and inexpensive way to deal with minor incontinence issues

They range for light to super and are available for both men and women. The pads are lightweight, compact and easily disposable.

Diapers For Urinary Incontinence

Adult diapers resemble baby diapers in that they are help together by adhesive tabs, but adult diapers usually have two tabs instead of one.

They are a good choice for people who are bedridden because they are easy to change. A person does not have to stand up.

They are also good choice for people who are too small or too large for incontinence pull up underwear because the tabs provide an adjustable and personalized fit.

Pull Ups or Adult Underwear

These may be the best option for maintaining an active lifestyle. Disposable adult underwear fit like regular briefs or panties, They have a heavily lined absorbent pouch at the bottom to trap urine.

The latest models are slim, form fitting and designed to be worn under the clingiest clothes. Years ago, you would not have seen advertisements for these products on television or in magazines. Now they are everywhere.

In Japan, there are more sales of adult diapers than there are for baby diapers.

The great thing about these products is that they are not "diapers". They are simply underwear that make life much better for people with incontinence.

Learn All You Can About Bladder Problems

Incontinence is such a common problem, there are a number of books available to help you understand the causes and help relieve or reverse the problems.

Learning can pay off with big rewards.

Here is some suggested reading.

Talking about incontinence

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