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what does it mean when you dream about someone - What does my dream mean

Updated on February 13, 2014

What we dream of and why

When someone dreams they are either dreaming of someone or something that is connected to them in some way, either by fantasy or reality. when we dream we are in a very deep sleep, when we are in a deep sleep our sub conscious takes over and your mind either plays out scenarios of your past life. Or dream about possible future events. But there are some dreams that are deeper and have much more of a weird meaning to them. Like the horrible feeling of falling and you either wake up or stop falling, then there is a dream we have all had and that is when your teeth fall out and you have the feeling of having no teeth or just a few teeth in your mouth.

What does your dream mean

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

There are many reasons why you are dreaming about someone, you could have been thinking about them a lot and they have played a part in your life at sometime. They may have done something to hurt you either physically or mentally. Dreaming about someone who has made your life stressed.

1. You have strong feelings for the person you are dreaming about, good or bad.

2. The person may have passed away and they are trying to pass a message to you or give a reason why or how they passed away.

3. A fantasy about a famous person, means that your life is good and you have little stress in your life and means you are content in your life.

When your teeth fall out in your dream

Teeth falling out in your dreams means that you are either anxious about something or are worried about something coming up that is on your mind.

The running naked dream

The running down the street naked is a very popular dream everyone has some time in there life. This is a very strong feeling of being in secure about your life at the time of your dream, maybe someone has said something about you or you have had a bad embarrassing experience in your past life.

The flying dream

Means you are in control of your life at that time and you are feeling very accomplished in your life. If you are flying but not very well it means you are trying to get control of something in your life. When you fly in your dreams it is a good dream and you have a good feeling when you wake.

Dreams in color or no color

Dreams that are in color means that you are dreaming of an important event and your conscious has taken your dreaming to a deeper level than a black and white dream.

We all dream and most will dream every night about trivial matters, but we sometimes dream about very strange things. All these dreams are connected to life in some way and figuring these out has been our fantasy for millennium. I love to know what my dreams mean but an hour of waking i sometimes forget what the dream was about so i write it down so i can remember and research my dream either online or the many books i have collected over time.


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