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What Happens During Yoga Retreat?

Updated on December 27, 2015

What Happens During Yoga Retreat?

Want to experience a deep yoga experience but lack the time nor available venue for it? With a hectic schedule, it's almost impossible for most people to squeeze in yoga in their daily schedule. Meanwhile, those who do have the opportunity to perform yoga sessions at home are constantly distracted by the noise produced by people inside or outside your home.

The best solution? Join a yoga retreat.

Arusha Tanzania SHIKAMOO Yoga Retreat

Choosing a Program

To get optimum benefits, you need to choose a yoga retreat program that suits you best. Here are factors to consider:

*Yoga Style – There are different yoga retreat programs specified for specific styles and school of yoga. Opting for them ensure that you are getting yoga knowledge from experienced and qualified yoga instructors who are experts in that given field.

*Other Services/Therapies – On top of your yoga sessions, there are other activities intended for the rest of the day. Some programs include massage therapies, aromatherapy, chiropractic adjustments, among others. Make sure to choose those with an extensive list of choices.

Typical Setting of Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreat centers are based on locations far from the city or anywhere that is exclusive. Since silence and tranquility is an important prerequisite in yoga, the setting is one of the most vital components when choosing a yoga retreat program. If not, then you might be better off performing yoga at home.

Another common feature of yoga retreat settings is that it has to be close to nature – either near a beach, mountain, or river. This will enable you to hold yoga sessions in an outdoor setting and allow nature to facilitate in your meditative efforts.

Yoga Holiday retreat Burren Yoga Centre Ireland

Accommodation and Stay

Aside from the opportunity to enhance your yoga experience, some people look at yoga retreats as a time for vacation. Indeed, it enables you to spend a few days off from work and home without having to worry of anything that could trigger stress. The ability to abandon your normal daily routine and focus on yourself is indeed relaxing.

Hence, accommodation is one of the several factors you should examine when choosing a yoga retreat program to purchase. The accommodation varies from one package to another and entails corresponding costs. However, you can be assured of a comfortable area to sleep in but if you want a luxurious accommodation, then make sure you have the budget for it.

Daily Activities

Typical duration of most yoga retreats lasts for at least a week or for several days. Therefore, it is important for newbies to yoga retreats to understand what goes on a typical day at a yoga retreat center.

Yoga sessions take place twice a day – one in the morning, and another session in the evening. Your afternoons are spent specializing in breathing techniques because this is the most ideal time of day to perform this activity. As for the rest of your time within the day, it basically depends on your yoga retreat program how these are spent. Some yoga centers have scheduled activities for their participants while others allow this as “free time” for yoga practitioners that allow them to do basically whatever they want to.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga Practice and Sessions

This will comprise the bulk of activities you will be doing during your stay for the yoga retreat. After all, your main objective is to develop existing yoga knowledge and acquire new methods in an intensive and focused approach to the program. There are 3 different aspects to your yoga activities: asanas performance, chanting, and silence.

In performance of yoga postures, you will have access to instruction by your teacher to ensure that exercises are executed properly. The location at which you will be holding classes will vary as well, depending on the approach that your yoga teacher decides to take.

Another variation in your yoga sessions consist the use of meditative music. This is helpful in meditation and other deep spiritual experience involved with yoga. This is based on the premise that music creates a calming effect on both mind and body.

Lastly, there are also time dedicated to observe silence and experience the serenity of the location. This is one reason why most yoga retreats are held in areas that are far from the city and away from the noise of the metropolitan. This will allow an individual to be in touch with nature and assist in that internal and spiritual journey longed for.

02 Yoga Retreat in Maya Tulum, Mexico

Available Facilities

Like accommodation, the facilities available to you in a yoga retreat center varies depending on the cost and coverage of the program purchased. Aside from your own bedroom, which could either be shared with a roomate or not, you can have access to a bathroom and toilet.

Beyond that, most of the facilities will be communal such as yoga studios, relaxation facilities (i.e. swimming pool), kitchenette, and laundry room.


Yoga is a system that is created to provide an integral approach in improving physical, mental, and spiritual health. In this integral approach, food and proper nutrition is an important element to produce balance.

Therefore, you can expect healthy meals to be served in your yoga retreat center such as organic vegetarian food, herbal teas, and healthy juice.

Extra-Curricular Activities

These are set of activities that are done to eat up your free time or when you are not entering yoga sessions. First off, it is intended to enhance whatever benefits that your yoga performance offers by providing these complementary activities. Thus, it helps to magnify the benefits that can be attaine from a yoga retreat.

On the other hand, these activities help showcase the social aspect of a yoga retreat. They are mostly group activities that require you to work together with fellow retreat participants. You can also share relaxation time with other participants either hiking, swimming at the pool, among other activities.

oga Retreats with Edgar Bernard

Materials To Bring

When traveling somewhere, there are a few basic essentials you need to bring with you, either for personal hygienic use or for emergency purposes. However, when you are embarking on a yoga retreat, you need a few materials to help facilitate comfort and convenience during your yoga sessions.

Here is a sample list of items you need to bring when on a yoga retreat:

  • Yoga mat – Although there are some available at the yoga retreat facility, it is more safe and hygienic to bring your own.
  • Towels – This will be used for bathing or wiping off sweat that you will produce during your intense yoga sessions.
  • Comfortable yoga clothing – Comfort is a major emphasis when picking clothes to wear during yoga to allow no restriction when executing poses or physical exercises.
  • Other personal items or utilities – The list includes sweater, swimwear, water bottles, mosquito repellent, flashlight, etc.

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